Friday, February 5, 2010

Nail Colour

Pretty glittery blue nails with a dash of gold glitter... I'm in love...

Been awhile since I've last written a post about my nail colours, and its pretty weird considering I polish my nails every week. It could be because I've been circling round and round between 4 or 5 of my favourite nail colours so its become abit of a bore, in a way...
So whilst on the lookout for new nail colours, I had a super lucky find at my school's recent flea market! Whilst randomly sifting through cheap clothes and tacky costume jewellry, I found a little store that was selling OPI nail polishes, and even better still was the fatc that they were selling those that were no longer in production! I kept sifting through the displays, praying for a chance to get my favourite nail colour of all time (its called Kinki in Helsinki, if anyone's curious) when the salegirl told me that she had a special set of colours, and proudly showed me the "Alice in Wonderland" nail polish collection!
I was literally squealing in delight, as I had given up hope on getting the colour which I had wanted from this collection, but here it was, right in front of me, begging me to buy it and paint it on immediately!
So now, I'm happily typing away on my lappy whilst staring non-stop at my glittery blue nails.... who knew one could get such happiness simply from having pretty nails?
P.S. the nail colour is called Absolutely Alice, and I get the feeling it was inspired from her blue dress, though I could be wrong....


  1. I love the color of your nails **

  2. What a sharp color, love that

  3. Thanks Rui & Mitsu! The nail colour is still available I guess considering its to promote the new Alice in Wonderland movie, there are also 3 other coours in the collection

  4. Yea!!! They're colours are fantastic, but don't bother getting their base coat, it doesn't protect your nail.