Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rinka's Wedding in Sweet Magazine

The full page poster, I'm tempted to put it up but at the same time, the idea of anything happening to it such as fading from the sun is giving me second opinions...
Anotehr full page feature of Rinka in her lovely Vera Wang wedding dress, with the sweets and cakes that were created for her wedding in the background
Pictures of the decor for her wedding, lots of peach and pink colours, candles, fat ribbons tied to the back of the guests chairs, a pair of lovebirds, Wedgewood tableware, macaroons and even a mirror with a message scrawled across it in her dressing room...
Rinka's tiara which she wore as her headpiece, along with her veil

Don't you just love her wedding invitations? So whimsical and delightful...

I found the wedding gift for their guests extrememly thoughtful, I mean how many times have we gotten wedding favours such as stuff toys and such that we toss out after a few months or years? The bowls are such a useful and sweet gift that'll remind their wedding guests of the wedding for years to come

The four things that every superstitious bride needs for a wedding, a hairclip (or was it a brooch) to represent something borrowed, her lucky pouch for something old, her wedding shoes for soemthing new and a hair ribbon and the sole of the shoes for something blue.

May Rinka have a beautiful future ahead of her, and it looks like despite her marriage, she's still busy with her career, so we can still loo forward to more appearances from her.

Rinka's wedding was recently featured in Sweet magazine in a wondeful seperate pullout, and the pullout covered everything leading up to her amazing wedding. This included pictures of her trip to Paris to get her Christian Louboutin wedding shoes done before jetting off to New York to choose her wedding gown and the side holiday which she had while in the search for her wedding stuffs. It even showed her preparing herself for her wedding and infomration of the wedding and the location itself.

The pullout had me totally glued to it, and I kept drooling over the gorgeous decor, her dress amongst other things. There was even a special makeup section for would-be brides with suggestions of wedding dresses to go with the makeup and even a feature for wedding guests on suitable attire for a wedding, all modelled by Rinka herself of course!

After such a beautiful wedding, I just wanna wish Rinka and her lucky man a happy and wonderful marriage.


  1. Hi,
    Can you tell me which month Sweet magazine this was in?

  2. It was in the March issue of Sweet Magazine