Monday, May 7, 2012

Makeup Review: Majolica Majorca Blood On Lip & Cheek Tint

Majolica Majorca has a real knack for tempting you to buy their products with their lovely packaging and this lovely cheek and lip tint was no different. I had initially attempted to convince myself to not purchase this tint but of course, I failed in doing so as the cute packaging and texture of the product won me over. Not to mention, having a product named Blood On does pique one's curiosity quite abit!

I later found out that the product was named Flesh & Blood in Japan but I guess it sounds alittle too gory so it was probably renamed Blood On to sound alittle more palatable and less like a bad zombie movie. 

 The lovely tint in its packaging, its adorable how they included the card like design on the back.

 The tint itself, looking at how red it is does probably scare people away thinking it'll be a rather strong colour, however the resulting colour is anything but strong.

 My face after applying concealer and powder foundation and lip balm

This is after applying the cheek and lip tint to my own cheeks and lips. As you can see, the colour is rather natural and flushed, kindda like how one's cheeks and lips will look like after coming back from the cold or a jog.

This is how it looks like after I've applied a touch of Candydoll's pink blush on top & alittle more lipgloss, its quite natural as you can see (pardon the messy wardrobe behind me)

The tint is alittle disappointing in my opinion as it is advertised as a stain, however the colour doesn't stain in any manner (except maybe on clothes, I haven't really tried that) and it does fade off after a few hours. Also, since I already have my Canmake cream blush and Anna Sui lip stain, I naturally compared to them both and it fell short.

As a blush, it does produce a natural, flushed look, however the sticky gel-like texture remains sticky after application unlike the Canmake cream blush that becomes powdery after application. So I do recommend a light dusting of loose powder unless the really natural, barely done look is what you're after. The colour also doesn't show up as well on camera so if I should ever use it for photography purposes, I'd probably have to pile it on just to look right on camera. The tint is also devoid of glitters so if you're not a fan of glittery blush, this might just be the product for you. Applying the blush also requires abit of tugging on the skin around my cheeks to spread the product evenly, so it's definitely not something I wanna continue using in the long run to avoid the risk of early wrinkles.

As a lip stain, the colour is again a pretty natural pink look that is reminiscent of those baby pink lips that you see on models. However the colour comes off the moment I eat or drink anything, and again it fails to show up well on camera. However, the good things about it is that it is relatively tasteless and odour-less as compared to my Anna Sui lip stain which has its signature rose smell. So people who abhor scented products will love it very much. The product is also pretty mositurizing on my lips so no worries about having dry, cracked lips from this product unlike other lip stains.

In summary:

Colour Intensity: 6/10 (Lovely natural colour which is especially good for a natural, barely done look but not enough for heavier, more intense makeup styles. Personally I like to layer my Candydoll blush over for added intensity.)

Texture: Sticky and gel-like (it will remain sticky after use so I recommend a light dusting of loose powder, but its up to your personal preference)

Barely shows up on camera so not suitable for heavier makeup styles or photography purposes

Price: 7/10 (At SGD$17.50 I can't complain too much about the price as it is a decent product)

Overall: 7/10 (it fails to live up to my expectations which maybe skewed from the comparisons I made to my Canmake cream blush & Anna Sui lip stain, however it is a decent product that does as described. Just remember that its more suited for the natural look and that it requires touch ups if you plan to wear it all day. It is however, a very useful product for travelling and for quick fixes)

I don't hate the product but I don't love it with all my heart either, I probably wouldn't purchase it again only simply because I have other products that do a better job that it. However, this will definitely be in my makeup bag should I travel out of the country as it is a fantastic double use product in a slim container that doesn't take up much space. So I really recommend it for people who want greater mileage out of their products, or if you're a fan of the barely made up look and if you constantly travel.


  1. Oh that's too bad it doesn't actually stain and the texture is not so nice because the color is very natural and dewy. Thanks for the review!

    1. It is a lovely product, just not suited to my heavier makeup style I guess haha

  2. OMG,it looks so pretty on you!!

    btw,I'm having a giveaway event at my blog now if anyone interests.

    1. Thank u! I'll be sure to check out ur giveaway, thanks for lettin me know