Sunday, May 20, 2012

Personal Outfits (Date & Friend)

Had my ramen fix and watched Dark Shadows during a date with the bf late last week. It was the first time I got to dress up and apply makeup after nearly a week and a half, so it was definitely nice.

 Yummy ramen though the soup was a tad heavy

 Me enjoying my ramen

Top: Snidel
Shorts & belt: Spiral Girl
Shoes: Itti & Otto
Bag: Vintage Collins of Texas wooden "Bird Brain" bag
Spectacles: Taobao

I also met up again with Jo. This'll probably be the last meeting we have till either one of us flies to each other's respective countries, so we did alot of gossiping and bitching and stuff. It wasn't all bimbotic, we did talk about the global financial rates and stuff though I have to admit my knowledge in finance isn't exactly that great haha.

Simple outfit:
Inner camisole: Giordano
Loose knit top: Giordano
Denim shorts: DIY
Owl necklace: borrowed from mom
Shoes: Rockport

My outfits may also get a tad boring the next 2+ months as I'm following the Buddhist mourning period of 49 days (my grandpa's a Taoist but requested to have Buddhist rites done at his funeral), so I'm forbidden to wear anything with gold, red, orange, purple colours as they're symbolically considered as "happy" colours. Even a shirt with those colours printed on the design is considered inappropriate, so my colour palette is rather restricted right now.

I'm not a Buddhist, but it's something I'm doing out of respect and love for my grandpa and his religion. I am already trying to bend the rules by adding like the colour, blue, to my clothes and using silver and pewter jewellry instead. Well, I'm using the "rules" as a way to test my creativity with my available wardrobe and it's given me the opportunity to rifle through my mom's extensive collection of vintage pins and jewellry.   

Sorry my brain's abit fried from starting up my own tumblr account and trying to get everything figured out. It's gonna be the area where I unleash my inner geek/fangirl so there'll be less makeup or fashion-y stuff over there. I'm also not following that many people yet so my posts are a tad repetitive and boring, however if you're interested, here's the link.

Till next time...

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  1. I love the way they are styled, the epitome of high casual, i've posted my fave on my blog.