Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Personal Outfit (Shopping & Ramen)

I finally got my ramen fix once again at Ramen Champion. If you haven't been there, you're seriously missing out on some awesome ramen selections! My personal favourite is from the Bario shop, however I decided to get something else instead:

 Ordered from Ikkousha's stall instead. The broth was so lovely & salty with thin, straight ramen & the black fungus for added bite & crunch. My only gripe were the ultra thin cha shu, it just wasn't enough to satisfy my meat craving. Oh goodness, I'm starting to crave ramen again whenever I look at this picture...

I decided to dress up though I knew full well that my friends probably weren't gonna be bothered to dress up much, but hey, dressing up to feel good is always a positive boost and I like dressing up for myself too anyway. I haven't worn gyaru style in quite awhile so after the hair and makeup I really felt over-dressed and became crazily paranoid and took to ranting about it on my Twitter, but now that I think about it, it certainly felt good to dress all out after so long and I certainly over-reacted thanks to my paranoid mind.
 Outfit consisted of:
Inner Tube: Borrowed from Mom
Dress: Glad News
Cardigan: Mu
Stockings: I've forgotten..

I love how the long cardigan made my body look longer and hence, thinner :)

I styled my hair to a roughly done, half-up, half-down style though the searing heat and humidity killed my hairstyle after awhile

It was a fun day catching up with my friends and sharing lots of stories and laughter over lovely food. I also managed to get some stuff done such as getting my mom's birthday present and a screen protector for my new Iphone, though I didn't manage to get a case as none of the cases I could find suited my style. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a case with a design I like soon, I wouldn't wanna get my phone all scratched up and dirty knowing how clumsy I can be.


  1. Loving the casual chic of your outfit and your hair color looks really nice!