Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Personal Outfit (Pigging Out)

Met up with the Bf after his work one ay for a major pigging out session at Chili's. My sis used to work there and she constantly raved about the awesome food and considering what a picky eater she is, for her to rave about food meant it was a must-try destination.

Due to the dinner crowd, we winded up seating at the bar instead of a proper table, but we had alot more fun that way. We ended up chatting with this really funny bartender who kept giving us little shots of random drinks he made, there were huge screens at the bar playing repeats of hockey matches and we were also seated away from the hustle and bustle of the dinner crowd. Couldn't have asked for a better seat that evening. 

 The Bf got a margerita, though what flavour it is exactly, I can't remember. I do remember Blue Curacao (is that how you spell it?) was added for that blue colour.

 My yummy Mojito

 The best Nachos I've ever had! Such cheesy, meaty goodness on a crispy nacho chip!

 We shared BBQ ribs with sides of corn on the cob & garlic toast, and a pulled pork burger. I only wish they had slathered on more BBQ sauce on the ribs, but the burger was incredibly good.

 Molten chocolate cake (Chili's signature dessert), we were so full by then that we were forcing each other to finish the cake. It was good though, really sticky and spongy...

 The bartender gave us a free glass of chocolate milkshake, it was good, but combining this and the chocolate cake was really too much sugar in one night... we were bouncing off the walls later that evening.

 I wore my new Spiral Girl high-waisted shorts. I hate taking pictures of me wearing them, I look fine in real life but somehow in pictures, I just look stumpy and fat... grrr... though they are incredibly comfortable.
Top: One Spo
Shorts & belt: Spiral Girl  

Simple makeup for the evening, hehe notice my furry Dusky lying in the corner of the picture?

I've lately been trying my best to stick to a workout regime and a healthier diet, which is a incredible feat considering how darn ass lazy I can be and how much I love my food. So this meal kindda broke my diet but I did try to reduce the guilty feelings by pushing myself to workout abit more that night haha.

My new semester is starting this week, so posts may slow down once again, however I promise to update whenever I can!


  1. The correct spelling is margarita :P glad to see you had fun!

    Oh and the bartender sounds really cool XD