Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mad About Franc Franc

I have a confession to make, I love walking through lifestyle stores! I adore waltzing through glassware and cutlery sections, bouncing about on sample matresses, sniffing potpurri, imagining how I'll furnish and decorate my future home and all other fun things one does in lifestyles stores. That's why when I interned at Ikea during my polytechnic days, it was a total dream come true! I was mostly being paid to play around with the products I already love!

So when I found myself accidentally at the Franc Franc store at JCube mall, I was immediately entranced by everything they had! I wanted to simply buy everything I could lay my hands on! Franc Franc is a Japanese lifestyle store and the easiest way to explain it is, it's basically the fancy version of Ikea. Everything is useful but with a decorative edge to it that's influenced very much by vintage style designs.

 The Bf bought this lovely mirror for me, it's my very first Franc Franc product! I love it because it's super useful, especially for cosplay purposes, as it functions not only as a large hand mirror....

But the handle can be folded down to make it a standing mirror too! Decorative & useful, what more can a girl ask for!

 The fancy 3D detailing on the back of the mirror, I know it's bit hard to see but it's really really nice.

I had been looking for a case for my new Iphone and nothing seemed to fit, somehow everything was either too tacky or too plain in my mind. However, at Franc Franc did I finally find the case that suited the style I had in mind:

 The new case for my Iphone 

Really, really love the vintage style print and the soft rubbery texture

I know this post is starting to sound like an advertorial for Franc Franc, but trust me, I'm simply a crazy fan of the brand who's gushing her love for everything in the store. I love the useful but decorative appeal of the products and how it can make boring office staples such as dividers and file holders look so much nicer by simply having a fancy print on them.

I also found out that Franc Franc will be opening a massive outlet (it's biggest outlet in the world to be exact) at Vivocity in June. I can't wait to go and explore the shop when it's finally open, though I'd probably have to force myself to not buy anything simply because it looks pretty... 


  1. That is a very clever mirror, and so convenient! And I understand about lifestyle store love; I am absolutely delighted to visit Ikea because it's so much fun to try out all the furniture and decorations, and imagine how you'd use them in your own space. Totally with you on that one. :3

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Haha, it's really fun to play around with all the items right?