Thursday, May 17, 2012

Girl's Day In

After a really stressful and tiring week, my dear friend Jo suggested a girl's day to relieve the stress and get my mind off everything. We painted our nails, gossiped and bitched, watched Bridget Jones's Diary, did facial stuffs and in the evening, popped over to Ikea for their awesome meatballs and to get ideas for Jo's potential new home back in Indonesia. 

 Daiso's Blackhead removing mask (review coming soon!) after we painted our nails

 Facial masks after peeling off the other mask, I joked that we looked like masked murderers

 Our dinner, I'm so glad we decided to share our meal because I was feeling incredibly greedy that evening.

It was a day that my heart and mind truly needed. It's helped me with my stress levels as I come to terms with my grief, though I realise I'm not totally sane still as I randomly bought this heavy key chain thingy for my phone at a sale: 

It is actually pretty cute and it connects to my iphone by simply plugging it into the earphone jack, but it's insanely heavy thus causing my phone to hang heavily on the end it's attached to. Not to mention, it cost me freaking $28!!! Why I bought it I'll never know, I was looking at some much smaller and cheaper dangling stuffs, decided to get one, then saw fancier designs on those dinky revolving stands, spun it around, chanced upon this and just in a split second, decided to buy this instead. I know I've lost a few of my marbles after this happened as it's totally not my usual shopping style plus I'm actually quite broke at the moment, so for me to spend that amount of money on something so stupid clearly shows my stress levels.

Okay, I've digressed from the original topic so I'll stop now. My head's still abit far off but I'll be back with more posts soon!


  1. I'm really glad that you had that opportunity to de-stress and relax!! :D