Saturday, December 18, 2010

Steph's Indefinite Break & Blog Award

Hey everybody, I know some of you have been kindda wondering what my friend and fellow blogger, Steph of Cosmic Love blog been up to lately. Well, she's been pretty much bogged down by her work lately, so even when her urges to blog does strike, she's often left too tired and brain-dead to actually gather up the energy to write up a post.

So just be patient, because I'm pretty sure when she's back at posting, her posts will definitely be worth the wait!

On a side note, Truc of, recently awarded me the "Lovely Blog Award". Its amazing that I actually got a blog award since it was like the furthest thing from my mind when I actually started this blog and I'm glad that readers enjoy my posts and blog. So of course, I'd like to give this blog to some other bloggers:

Truc of

Steph of

Jenny of

Mitsu of

Tori of

Bloomzy of

These are the gals that I love and constantly read their posts. I may not always leave a comment (sorry!) but I love them nonetheless. So go forth and spread the love!

P.S. I'll be updating my other cosplay soon, I have the majority of my pictures at hand, so I just need to arrange and edit some stuffs first, so be patient kays? Thanks!

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