Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Ah, finally tracked down most of my pictures for STGCC (Singapore Toys, Games, & Comics Convention) day 2 cosplay. I chose not to go for the event on the first day as not only did I not have a costume, but I knew that I'd be dead tired after 2 days of cosplay and three straight days was really too much for me to take.

So for STGCC, I ended up cosplaying as Rin Kagamine, neko (cat) version. Technically, there's no such version for the Kagamine twins as only Miku has ever been shown wearing this particular outfit. But Esther and Minichaos and I decided to do it as a team as it'll be more fun that way.

So pictures from the event:

From left: Esther as Len Kagamine (my "brother"), Minichaos as Hatsune Miku and I as Kagamine Rin
Unfortubately, Mini kept disappearing to meet friends so it was mostly Esther and I walking around by ourselves.
A picture of our full outfits, we even had cat tails attached to our belts to keep up with the neko look. Hahahah

One of my favourite pictures from the event. My mom says I don't look like I put on much makeup, but I swear I put on waay heavier then my usual daily makeup! "0(>.<)o"
I was pretty shocked when I found out that there were a few pictures our cosplay up on the website when there had been an article about the STGCC event. So I guess I'll take it as a compliment?
Despite having the event at the exact same place as AFA, this event was managed so much better. For one, all the cosplayers weren't yelled at to move our belongings when we were trying to find a location to settle down and finish putting on our costumes or makeup. We were asked in a pretty nice manner to move and even offered a location unlike AFA where we were chased from location to location before the management finally got the hint to open up a space for us to settle down.
The place wasn't as crowded too so there was more room for us to walk about and meet friends, not to mention, my costume was so much more comfortable and easier to move about in so I could run around and whatnot all day without getting too tired. Plus kids of all sorts loved us, so we had alot of little kids (girls especially!) running up to us trying to hug us and their parents asking us to pose with their kids. So it was pretty fun.
I'm still waiting for my EOY (End of Year) event pictures, but its not looking good since there were 3 other girls, excluding me, who were all wearing the same costume and I didn't get to walk around as muhc because I was pretty busy trying to cheer Esther up. So I probably have to wait for my "official" photographer to pass me his batch of pictures.


  1. Aww your costume was sooooo adorable!! >o<

    I wish I had the nerve to cosplay but I never know what to cosplay as. XD Also, no sewing skills. :(

  2. You look so cute! ♥ I can definitely see why the kids would want to pose with you, haha!

  3. very cute! i love cosplay!

    im a new follower! lets be blogging buddies =3

  4. @ Dolly - Thanks! Actually, I don't really sew much either, I just find tailors to do most of the work. I also trade with my friends cuz I do their makeup for them while they help me with my costume, so its kindda like a fair trade.

    @ Tori - Hahhaah, thanks! Alot of kids kept waving to us and doing high fives, so it was really cute.

    @ BuNnYLuvers - Hahah, I took a look at your blog, I did Taiga once too in my old post, though my makeup sucked that day. I don't mind being a blogging buddy!