Saturday, December 11, 2010

Personal Outfit 47 (Rushing Ahead)

Ah, been rushing alot of things lately, so many things to get done but so little time. Lets see, I have two cosplay events for the weekend, then there's handling my school's administrative stuffs, and then Chirstmas followed by the staycation I'm having with the Bf. And oh, I have to squeeze in sometime to get my hair dyed and clean my room before my new school term starts.

I'm so glad that the next cosplay event has been pushed back to April so at least I can take a breather to save some money and get back to being just gyaru again for awhile. Plus I can get settled down to my new school and hopefully have more fun as compared to my sucky life in Polytechnic. I swear I was slowly counting down everyday I had to come to class and then just zoning out if I actually went to class.

But sad things aside, here's today's outfit (okay technically yesterday, I just noticed the time):

Military dress with pouffy skirt & belt: Taobao (the whole outfit is a onepiece)
Scarf: borrowed from mom
Nude pumps (not shown): Can't remember (the sole is spoling gah! Gotta hunt around for a new pair I guess)
Anyway, today was spent with Francine, just chatting with her and catching up. I also helped her in finding the right clothes she needed for her Lady Gaga inspired outfit that she needed for her company's Dinner & Dance. We struck gold with an awesome massive black sun hat that had wires in the edges to manipulate its shape, it looked somewhat like what she needed plus, it was only $7.90 after discount!!!
She was so happy about it and kept telling me about how she spent only a total of around $15 for her whole outfit, hahahah. Lucky her!
Ugh shucks, its really late, I need to get my beauty rest to be able to last for tomorrow's (technically, today's) cosplay event. I'll be dressed as Rin Kagamine with cats ears and paws and for Sunday I'll be wearing Kuroshitsuji's Ceil ballroom version gown. So if you recognise me, don't be afraid to say hi! I'm friendly and won't bite, mostly... hahah and just so you know, my cosplay name is Rahzel and I'll gladly give you my coscard if you want!


  1. Adorable outfit! ♥
    & don't work too hard bb, haha~

  2. woah! you look petite in this outfit! I like ^^

  3. Hi there pretty! :D
    Do visit this little Authentic Liz lisa False eyelash shop! (:! (:

    Thanks !!

  4. @ Tori - Thnak you! Haha, I'll make sure not to burn myself out!

    @ WK - Eh... I thought I am considered petite? I'm only like 154cm tall...

    @ EMY - Thanks alot dear!