Wednesday, December 22, 2010

EOY 2010

* Sorry for the pic spam, but I just love the look of this costume so much despite the difficulties of moving around in it.

Firstly, this is how the costume is supposed to look like. The character is Ciel Phantomhive from the series Kuroshitsuji and he crossdressed in an attempt to avoid detection and get closer to the enemy

An up close picture of my costume. love the details!

And a almost full length picture of the costume. The dress had 3 parts to it, a hoop skirt to pouff up the whole thing, an underskirt (that's the white parts you can see) and the pink dress on top.

I love this pic alot and will probably be using it for my next batch of coscards

An up close pic of my face and this is another picture that I plan to use for my next batch of coscards

I loved this costume alot despite dying of heat, mostly which was caused by my long gloves. So I ended up taking it off whenever I was just standing around and I had to ask photographers to wait whenever they wanted to take a picture because I had to quickly shove them on.

Not the best event day because I overslept and ended up having to put my makeup on at the location itself inside the smelly, dirty toilets. Also, Esther was waiting for our friend to bring her wig and the friend ended up coming only at the later part of the day. So Esther was moody most of the day, not a very good person to hang out with. But I had no choice since I wasn't as close to the other cosplayers and it was bit redundant to walk around the place all alone. So I ended up missing abit of photo-taking opportunities because I was mostly sitting at the shop stall trying to cheer her up.

Not to mention, there were 3 other cosplayers who wore the exact same outfit as me and unlike me, they had at least one friend who was cosplaying the same series as them, so they had a person to pose with. And I so need to rant this out, there was this total cosf*ck of a person who I was so pissed at. She wore the exact same outfit as me except hers was so obviously made of some crappy cheap satin with a really tiny hat that was so small and tall that it almost looked like a miniature tophat. The hat wasn't worn to the side as shown by the character, hers was right ontop of her head and had the front brim pushed upwards. Not to mention, she didn't wear a hoop skirt so her dress was like completely flat and worse thing was, she had wavy brown hair and tried to scrimp on money and didn't wear a wig. She didn't even bloody bother to tie her hair into 2 ponytails and just walked around in that crap of an outfit she had on.

Worse thing was, because her friend's stall was directly opposite Esther's, she kept hanging out there and eyeballing me. Come on, like seriously? Your outfit is so crappy that what reason do you have to eyeball me for? Jealous much?

And I'm sniggling to myself now because after sifting through the photographs that have been uploaded at the forums, it seems no photographer took any pictures of her (except one where she totally photobombed a fellow cosplayer). That shows you how crappy your costume is, so stick your eyeballs back in your brain and try harder. Okay rant over!

Anyway, I'm trying to convince Mini to do a photoshoot with me for this costume since she's already done Sebastian for a few other people, so I need to bugger her and a photographer soon.


  1. Love your costume.
    So pretty.
    Don't be mad you looked good and followed the character every detail if she didn't it's her problem.

  2. i love this! i like going to cosplay! i cant wait to go next year

  3. Gosh. I adore cross-dressing Ciel! Gotta love him :D

    You look lovely, midear.

  4. You look so cute in your costume <333 :O
    so detailed and really looks like the one from Phantomhive :D

  5. Your photos came out so beautiful! ♥ I love that last face shot of you~
    lol at your cos-enemy though~ that must suck for her that no photos were taken of her costume! XD

  6. @ Mickey - Hahah thanks! I've more peeved at how she kept eyeballing me, and I eman th other 2 cosplayers who had the same outfit as me, we still treated each other civilly and even chatted ith each other with zero animosity

    @ BuNnYLuverz - hahah! Csoplay is so fun and addictive! Who are you gonna cosplay next year/ I have some plans up my sleeves too!

    @ Ayame - Thank you! I'm thinking about possibly cosplaying Alois Trancy

    @ Maria May - Thank you! I love it alot and was so glad it looked so gd when it arrived. Some dresses I've seen look bit weird like one had an orange colour instead of pink. So I'm really happy with it.

    @ Thanks! I gotta thank the awesome Ryusei (my photographer) for the pictures! hahaha, cos-enemy, gotta leanr that word hahaahahah!