Sunday, December 5, 2010

Personal Outfit 46 (& Recent Gets)

I've been pretty busy this past week in a rush to try and get my stuffs done for the upcoming cosplay events. I can't believe its gonna be this weekend already, considering it was like juz a few weeks ago that I finished AFA. Oh well, at least if the next event is postponed, I'll get some time to save abit and finish up my costume and get some new ones. I still haven't been able to confirm anything yet for next year, but I've already decided on a few solo cosplays so I may just tag along with my friend again.

On a side note, I had a haircut done just recently. Steph introduced me to her hairstylist but there was some miscommunication between the hairdresser and I (my mandarin skills are of mediocre level) so I'm left with a too short fringe, heavy blunt layers at my jawline that remind me of Maikos (Japanese Shinto priestesses for those who don't know) and still unable to curl my hair like before. Haiz... I'm bordering on the line of kidnapping my ex-hairdresser and smuggling him back to Singapore very soon.....

Wore this outfit for the haircut & shopping with Esther after it
Spectacle frames: random shop in Far East Plaza
Black top: given by a friend
Denim skirt: Victoria Beckham for Rock & Republic
Leopard print tights: Can't remember
Black pumps(not shown): borrowed from mom
(sorry for the tired expression, this was taken after the long day of running around with Esther)
Been buying alot of things recently so here's just some of my recent gets:
Black and red striped legwarmers: For cosplay & a total steal for only $2!
Topshop tights: They have a really adorable heart print on them that reminds me of Tsubasa's S-leg brand. Though I havent come up wiht any outfit with them so far... Hmm...
Candy Sugar PVC school bag: A bag for my school term starting next year. It'll be alot easier if I have one bag just for school purposes
Cat ears & tail: For my upcoming cosplay event. I'll be adding bells to the ears and tail and I'm waiting for my cat paws to be done. Nya!
Fashion tape: An essential for cosplay events where anything can go wrong. These help to fix nearly everything!
Flower wreath: Yess!!! I finally found one for my cosplay photoshoot after searching high and low for it. Its bit pricey at $15 but I'm desperate for it. I'll be adding pink flowers to make it look thicker.
Sunglasses: This is a Chloe inspired design and the biggest glasses I have in my collection. Got it for a steal at $9.90!

I still have so much to prepare for my upcoming events and hopefully, Esther will be able to get my coscard format done in time. That way I'll have a coscard to pass out to people at the events yay!

Christmas is coming up soon so I gotta get ready presents for my loved ones, and after that it'll be the little staycation that the Bf and I will be having to celebrate our anniversary. Anyone wanna guess how long we;ve been together? Hee.....


  1. I love this coordinate! The black top and the tights are really cool!

  2. Awe, I think your hair looks pretty! But I can understand being unhappy with a haircut... Hopefully it'll grow out soon so you can get it more the way you want it XD
    Love your new tights, they really do look like one of Tsubasa's S-leg designs! ♥

  3. The tights look awesome!
    And i always get that with some local hairdressers who only speak chinese. hahah.

  4. @ さらまり - Thanks! its pretty simple but still trendy hahaha

    @ Tori - Thanks alot sweetie! I finally managed to figure out how to curl it by using the smallest barrel of my curling iron. So at least its kindda looking like what I'm used to now haha.

    Thanks, I'm still not quite ure how to match them though. Any ideas?

    @ Phaik Yie - Thanks alot! Yesss!!! Omg I cant take it when they only insist on speaking chinese, it toally sux and I cant get across my message, I end up gesturing like crazy to get my point across (hopefully!) and look like I'm communicating with a deaf person or smth.

    Btw, did we meet at AFA? I think we did right? Sorry, there were too many people till I was kindda overwhelmed, didn;t help that my costume wasn't easy to deal with T^T