Friday, December 31, 2010

My Current Favourite Songs 9

Its the end of the month again, and technically the last day of the year. So wish you guys a new year and welcome to this month's selection of my current favourite songs.

This month's selection is slower paced with 2 of them being new age songs because I just came down with a bout of stomach flu, so I'm been doing nothing but sleeping and vomitting for the past 2 days. So I've dug up and dusted my collection of new age songs to calm me down and relax to at least get some sleep. I've forgotten just how much I loved them...

Re_birthday (Kagamine Len) : The final song to the Daughter of Evil series. Someone really ought to make an anime series of it instead of the total failure of the incredibly confusing Black Rock Shooter series. Royalty? Check. Deception? Check. Love story? Check! So please can an anime studio make this a series already?

Calendula Requiem (Kanon Wakeshima X Kanon of An Cafe) : A nice departure of Kanon Wakeshima from the predictable and somewhat boring, saccharine sweet lolita look of hers. She still looks sweet but in a different way and the music is still in her usual style. So hopefully, there'll be other music videos that will take her to different directions instead of sticking her in the same path.

Turning (Suzanne Ciani & Yu Chiyi) : I bought her CD some years back and after listening to it a number of times, I stuffed it into the back of my cupboard and totally forgot about it. But after listening to this track again, I'm falling in love with it all over again. Her music soothes me and makes me think of afternoon teas in a sunny garden with a good book...

May It Be (Enya): The theme song for Lord of The Rings. I love all the movies in the series and I really hope it'll be considered as a great a classic like Star Wars and Star Trek. I rememember having a friend once who was so into LOTR that she taught herself the Elfish language to the point she could not only speak it, but read and write it too!

Kanon D-Dur (Evangelion Death & Rebirth, Shinji: Cello, Asuka : Violin, Rei: Viola, Kaoru: Second Violin): Its really nice to see the four children all playing this piece together, and for once you get a sense of peace from them despite the constant bickering and death all around them. Evangelion definitely helps one to appreciate classical music in a different light, such as Beethoven's 9th Symphony that is often used in the battle scenes

Okay, I feel my stomach acting up again so wish my dear readers a happy new year once again! And hopefully have a better start then I do...

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