Saturday, December 25, 2010

Personal Outfit 48 (Cosplay Photoshoot)

Went out to assist in a cosplay photoshoot last Sunday but because we ended up shooting in a open roof carpark, 3/4 of the time, Esther and I were just sitting around battling the soaring heat and awful insects.

Outfit consisted of :
Inner long shirt: Uniqlo
Plaid outer shirt: bought in Australia
Tights: Bought in Hong Kong
Engineer Boots: Bought in Macau
Spectacle frames: Random shop in Far East Plaza
Becuase I knew my hair would end up irritating me during the shoot, I ended up tying it into 2 little balls on my head. Its pretty simple, just twist like a mini bun and secure with a pin.
Esther and I also ended up playing with her camera and taking pictures of each other to pass the time.
The photoshoot was a somewhat failure as we ended up getting chased out of the premises because they claimed we hadn't received permission to do photography there. I found it to be tter rubbish because a friend and I had done previous photoshoots there with no such problems before not to mention, they only told us and kicked us out of the premises after we were wrapping up and deciding to move to another location. It was so (O____O)"

I left when the rest of the gang decided to head to another location because of heat exhaustion and my tights had torn so I felt kindda exposed.

But it was pretty fun and I learnt some new things about light exposure and such in photography whilst fiddling with a camera. Useful stuff to know so that I can get myself a betetr location next time when I do my own photoshoots haha!

I'll update soon about my Christmas celebration, but considering I don't have the usual family gathering this year, its kindda boring.


  1. Major cute! I wish I had the guts to head out with buns ><;; Merry Christmas~ xx♥

  2. @ Desire - Hahah, it came about more because of a need then an actual look. But I like how cute it turned out hahah!

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