Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tokyo Fashion Week 2010/2011 A/W Collection

The 10th Tokyo Fashion Week will start on March 22nd to 28th at Tokyo Midtown. 44 brands have been lined up for the core event "Tokyo Collection Week" and will release their new lineup of 2010/2011 A/W collection. The fashion show will even be broadcasted live on the big screens of Midtown.

As the event is open to the general public, the shopping-bag project "Happy Together" collaboration with some of of the famous brands will also be held.

Previously the Japan Fashion week committee has held shows and events to introduce Japanese fashion brands in New York, U.S. on January 27th- February 1st.

So far, Japan Fashion Week Organization has released their latest list of the Japanese brands that will be showing at this year's event. The list is till subjected to change but the brands that are participating are:

Brand: ENTOPTIC Designer: Wataru Matsumoto / Kenta Kakinuma
Brand: @IZREEL Designer: Kazuhiro Takakura
Brand: ERI MATSUI Designer: Eri Matsui
Brand: SHIDA TATSUYA Designer: Tatsuya Shida
Brand: JUNYA TASHIRO Designer: Junya Tashiro
Brand: Satoru_Matsuda Designer: Satoru Matsuda
Brand: everlasting sprout Designer: Keiichi Muramatsu
Brand: HIROKO KOSHINO Designer: Hiroko Koshino
Brand: FACTOTUM Designer: Koji Udo
Brand: DISCOVERD Designer: Tatsuya Kimura / Sanae Yoshida
Brand: mintdesigns Designer: Hokuto Katsui / Nao Yagi

Brand: araisara Designer: Sara Arai
Brand: motonari ono Designer: Motonari Ono
Brand: Takumi Hatakeyama Designer: Takumi Hatakeyama
Brand: Tokuko 1er Vol Designer: Tokuko Maeda
Brand: IN-PROCESS BY HALL OHARA Designer: Steven Hall / Yurika Ohara
Brand: YUMA KOSHINO Designer: Yuma Koshino
Brand: The Dress & Co. HIDEAKI SAKAGUCHI Designer: Hideaki Sakaguchi
Brand: AGURI SAGIMORI Designer: Aguri Sagimori
Brand: HISUI Designer: Hiroko Ito
Brand: PHENOMENON Designer: Takeshi Osumi
Brand: yoshio kubo Designer: Yoshio Kubo

Brand: matohu Designer: Hiroyuki Horihata / Makiko Sekiguchi
Brand: support surface Designer: Norio Surikabe
Brand: KAMISHIMA CHINAMI Designer: Chinami Kamishima
Brand: jazzkatze Designer: Ayumi Sufu
Brand: lessthan* Designer: Ohal Ando
Brand: fur fur Designer: Aya Furuhashi
Brand: SOMARTA Designer: Tamae Hirokawa
Brand: DRESSCAMP Designer: Marjan Pejoski
Brand: G.V.G.V. Designer: MUG
Brand: MIHARAYASUHIRO Designer: Yasuhiro Mihara

Brand: mercibeaucoup Designer: Eri Utsugi
Brand: beautiful people Designer: Hidenori Kumakiri
Brand: Yukiko Hanai Designer: Yukiko Hanai
Brand: MISS ASHIDA Designer: Tae Ashida
Brand: ODRADEK Designer: Demian Celica KANOU
Brand: THEATRE PRODUCTS Designer: Akira Takeuchi / Tayuka Nakanishi
Brand: TROVE Designer: Daisuke Kamide
Brand: tiny dinosaur Designer: Naomi Yamamoto
Brand: YUKI TORII INTERNATIONAL Designer: Yuki Torii

DRESS33, KEITAMARUYAMA, and RITSUKO SHIRAHAMA are planning to show but have not yet confirmed their dates.

For more updates and information you can check out their official website, and its available in both English and Japanese.

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