Monday, March 22, 2010

Personal outfit 23

My outfit for the day consisted of:
Maxi dress: This Fashion
Jacket: 2nd hand from a friend
Can-can hat: Yesstyle
Nude pumps (not seen): DMK
Bag: Cher

Went out with my dad yesterday to help him get a lounge suit for my cousin's wedding in Australias, too bad I won't be joining him! >3<

We ended up getting him a jacket and a pair of formal pants from G2000, a shop that's favoured by lots of office workers for their jackets and shirts which are of pretty good cutting and quality.

Its so different shopping for a guy, we zip into shops that have the stuff he needs and if they don't we never linger long enough to browse but just rush off to the next shop. Boring!!!!

And I've just realised that ever since I've gotten my can-can hat, all my outfits seem to revolve around it! Maybe I should move onto the scarf trend instead of getting stuck in a style rut!


  1. I love the pattern of the maxi dress, it's so cute! I like you can can hat, but I think you'd look great in the scarf trend as well!

    Yeah, shopping for guys, not so fun. I always want to take my guy friends shopping to get them some fashionable clothes, but it's too boring haha

  2. Thanks, my maxi dress actually came from a discount store that's shunned by many, but there are great finds if you bother to dig deep! Haha, I need to practice tying the scarf, I've had a few failed attempts so far, but I won't stop trying!

    Yes!!! I totally agree! Guys shop by zooming in and out, they never bother to browse slowly, its soo much more tiring and stressfulshopping with them as compared to a girl even if you walk longer with girls.