Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Personal outfit 21

My outfit for the day (pardon the blurry shot, I forgot to take my pic in the changing room so I had to deal with the crummy public toilet mirror):
Beret: Accesorize
Leopard print top(it had an ugly brown belt detailing that I snipped off): Pepperplus
Black Belt: borrowed from Mom
Black tulle skirt: Forever 21
Black stockings: This Fashion
Oxfords: DMK
The white jacket that I bought from Forever 21, been waiting for it ever since I saw a Japanese girl wearing it in a street style blog, unfortunately I can no longer find the said picture.

I'm thinking hard about whether I should buy this dress, but at $55 its not cheap and I do need to save for my cosplay costumes...hmm...

Met Pochi last weekend for some catching up and of course our favourite hobby, shopping! Unfortunately, I need to save money for the tonnes of cosplays and photoshoots planned for this year, so I didn't buy much, only a jacket which I've been eyeing, yellow nail polish for my cosplay and foot pads that seem to be helping with my eczema.

Hmmm I still need to make a list of things that I need to get for my costume... ah...money woes....


  1. Your outfit is really cute, I like the fluffy skirt with the leopard print top^^

    Wow, that white rider jacket is really cool with the ruffles at the bottom!

  2. Haha, I love the jacket too! I get 3 "different" jackets depending on whether I zip it up all the way, halfway or leave it open,plus there's a hoodie too! Forever 21 stocks better stuff now after opening an outlet in Japan.

    Thanks for the comment bout my outfit, its always nice to have ppl say it looks nice after having ppl stare at u weirdly allday *cough close-minded Singaporeans cough*