Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gal Meme

Recently, 2 of the Gyaru blogs that I follow, Juicy Blog and Universal Doll both did a Gal Meme each and it was so interesting, inspirational and personal that I couldn't resist doing my own version too!

1. Describe your style as a gal.

It really depends on my mood that day, but I'm more into the Boho look these days, though I adore the Rocker look too.

2. Which models inspire you to get dressed?

Hmm... I actually tend to flip more to the street style looks that many girls send in to Popteen, but I tend to also look at Kumickey's and Nana Suzuki's style. If I feel like I want something more elegant, Momoeri is the one I look to, and for the Rocker look, Sakurina is ahead all the way!

3. What are the brands are you wearing lately?

Hmm, I can't really say as I never buy my clothes according to brands and I have alot that are brandless or 2nd -hand or simply raided from my Mom's wardrobe.

4. What was your first thing from 109 (or similar)?

I have yet to purchase anything from 109! But if its a brand from 109, it'll be my Maison Gilfy beanie that came with the Gilfy book.

5. What compliment about your wardrobe do you like best?

I don't have any preferences, any compliment is good to me, especially when I come from a country where not many people compliment someone they don't know personally.

6. What do you wear most often?

Lately I wear alot of skirts, as pants tend to rub my eczema, causing alot of itching and pain, so its more due to a need then an actual look.

7. I like getting …?

Shoes and bags, I blame my mom for that. I always end up in a shoe shop, no matter how much of a hurry I'm in or whether I have money or not.

8. In that you look first when you see a gal?

Definitely the hair and the eye makeup.

9. What gal rules have you broken?

Oh probably nearly all whether intentionally or not, like I have bare nails right this very moment *oh the horror!*

10. What would you never wear?

Bubble skirts, it only looks good on stick-thin models!

11. What do you think is essential for a good look?

Attitude and that the overall look of an outfit fits.

12. How do you feel when viewed as a gyaru?

Its a major compliment here, especially when most girls are considered "Lian" (not a complimentary term) when they have light-coloured hair and most girls here simply rush head-long into any trend that is "in".

13. You have many friends that are gals?

Not many, but friendship can't be judged simply by how one dresses right? As long as friends support and love one another, its all good to me.

14. What is the next thing you plan to buy desperately need?

More shoes, I've noticed that I went on a black shoes rampage and now most of my shoes are black, so I want to expand my shoe collection to include more variety and colours. Also more boots as my old ones are slowly getiing worn out.

15. What’s your favorite accessory?

Rings! I'm always wearing multiple rings on both hands, and they're not the teeny- tiny kinds, but larger, chunky ones in quirky designs.

16. Sexy, monotone or elegant?

My friends always tell me that I have an "aura" of classiness around me, their words not mine!

17. Would you wear clothes that aren’t in fashion?

As long as they make me look good, I'll wear them, but I'll definitely try to jazz it up abit.

18. What is your current obsession?

Lace dresses and skirts, they're easy to match and suit the weather here.

19. Do you like to spread gal fashion? How do you do it?

Of course, especially when its not very well-known here! I did it by starting this blog, hoping that some local girls here will understand where does Korean and Taiwanese fashion get their inspiration from and to open their minds to different styles.

20. What advice would you give to someone starting out?

Do plenty of research, buy lots of fashion magazines and study them, cut out looks that you like and start your own lookbook to refer to, so that you know what are the clothes that you wanna buy. Don't be afraid of criticism, sometimes it'll make your look even better then before! And most importantly, practise. Not many people look good at their first few attempts, it took me nearly 3 years to hone my look and I'm still learning along the way.


  1. Oh yay so glad more people are taking this on! I feel like I'm really learning about people through this. Do you mind if I link you for this? I wanted to link all the girls who took the meme ^_^

    I totally agree about shoes (omg I feel like my current ones aren't enough) and lace dresses, they're so pretty! ♥

  2. Yes!! This Meme thing is really awesome and you get to see all the different girls opinions and takes on different things. I'd be really glad and honoured that you wanna link me for it!

    Haha, lace dresses are total love <3 they're comfy yet chic!

  3. Omg I wanna try this too ^^

    I'm just like you, my nails are totally plain. I'm just so lazy these days =,="


  4. Haha, I wanna see ur take on the Gal Meme! Haha, I've probably broken alot of gyaru rules like I still don't use coloured/enlarging lens! O_O