Friday, March 12, 2010

Personal outfit 22

Oufit for the day consisted of:
Lace dress: Bought in China
Denim Shirt tied at waist: Series
Cowboy boots: Bought in China
Straw boater hat: Yesstyle
Bag: Cher 15th Anniversary bag
Rose ring: Borrowed from mom, Topshop
Here's a closer look at my newest addition to my growing hat family, I'm so glad I pestered the Bf to get for me online, its comfortable and cute, I totally love it... unfortunately I can't remmeber which shop/brand I bought it from in Yesstyle as I randomly clicked around.. sorry!

Was pretty bored today, so I went to hang out at Sab's workplace again. It's always fun to play with the ball-jointe dolls there and I still don't understand why people get spooked by them(they're just dolls, nothing else.. duh =.=).

Gossiped, ate sushi, did some cosplay discussion etc.... basically just spent the day with a good friend.... hahaha....


  1. Your outfit looks so cute and stylish, you have a great fashion sense! I love your hat too!

  2. Thanks so much! Ilove ur blog too, I get to "tour" japan thanks to ur blog hahaha, I'm sorry that I haven't replied to your Fashion Hime Friday, its been bit difficult as I do mostly self-shots with the camera, so the pics aren't that great

  3. Your boater is so cute. This is looking so Spring and fun, so pretty!

  4. Thanks so much, I really love it too, much more then my straw fedora now. Oh btw Mitsu, did you see my comment bout asking you to put back my link on ur gal roll? I think you might have missed it, so sorry bout not linking back last time, I totally understand ur feelings bout the situation.

  5. Love the outfit, very cute and very in season!!

  6. Thanks bloomzy, my only gripe is that my denime shirt is bit too long and not blue enough, I prefer your denim shirt actually haha