Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cosplay Plans for 2010

My first confirmed cosplay for the year, which is Rin from the voice synthesizing programme, Vocaloids, thisis the fanart version called Sandplay of Dragon.

My second confirmed cosplay and photoshoot, I had to wrestle for the oppurtunity to cosplay this character from 2-3 other girls who were vying for the same position in the team, but the leader finally chose me, maybe also partly because I kept pestering the second leader hahaha... This is Miku, also from Vocaloids but this is the futuristic version of her.

My last confirmed cosplay, which might be for an event this year but most likely also for next year's events, there'll also be a photoshoot. This character is from Kuroshitsuji and the "girl" is actually a boy who cross-dressed to investigate an incident, the dress was too pretty to pass up...

So far I have confirmed a place in 3 different teams for different events and characters, and those are just for this year's events. So basically, I need to really pull my purse-strings and tighten up on what I spend on in order to get enough money for all my costumes, wigs and other miscellaneous items I may need such as nail polish and stuffs.

But then again,since I'm enjoying the experience so much, I can't say its really a bad thing either...


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