Sunday, March 21, 2010

Top 10 Meme

Another inspiration from gal blogger, Mitsu of Universal Doll, she did a Meme of the top 10 personal things, basically things which you or me like and since I'm not as adept as her in Photoshop, moi shall do it the old, boring way. Haha....

The Top 10

1. Lace dresses

Comfy yet chic, wat more could you ask for?

2. Watching Gal and Bijin Tokei

Great place for Japanese street-style inspiration

3. Denim & Floral Trend

To me this trend is the epitome of spring

4. Heaven & Earth Green Tea

A local brand of bottled green tea, curbs my sugar craving and is an healthier alternative to sodas

5. Fake Lashes

My favourite is still Dolly Wink, but I love most lashes, will be trying out M.A.C.'s No. 7 soon

6. Body Shop's Black Velvet Apricot Lipbalm

I love it, moisturizing but not too heavy and has a slight shimmer to it. My favourite part is that it doesn't change the colour of my lipsticks when I put it on. Too bad its a limited edition product.

7. Listening to Music while I dress up and put on my Makeup

Gives me energy and pumps me up for the day

8. Heels

I need heels badly as I'm really short, only 152cm or bout 5ft. 1"

9. One-pieces

Dresses, rompers, overalls etc. these make for stress-free dressing especially when I have no idea what to wear

10. Dusky

My furball, he's a companion, stress-reliever, playmate, sibling and sometimes a son to me. Loves>


  1. Cute top ten! I like number nine as well^^

  2. LOL I felt I was cheating if I put my animals, but I was tempted to as well. Aren't they so comforting <3

    Lace dresses, onesies, lashes, green tea all fabulous and definitely in my top <3

  3. @さらまり- Thanx! Why don't you try it out too? Yeap Onesies r great!

    @ Mitsu - Haha, I was wondering if animals counted, especially when Muto Shizuka didn't list her dogs down. But yea, they're comforting though bit trying at times too!
    Thanx for reading my blog!

  4. the lace dresses are so niceee! : )

  5. I have that same lip-balm, my Grandma got for me and I love it. I actually got the whole apricot set, it smells sooo nice!

  6. @ priincess - Yes!!! I love them, I wish S'pore would sell something similar.

    @ Littlekobaby - It smells totally delish right? Really? You have the whole set? Lucky, you! I got it only when the store was clearing stock as I needed lip balm then