Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tagged & Majolica Majorca Glass Drop Gel Top Coat

Doing this little questions thing after being tagged by Steph, because she threatened facial disfigurement and bodily harm if I didn't do it (nah, just kidding... I figured it might show alittle bit more of me to my readers).

The rules:

-Link the person who tagged you.

-Answer the questions.

-Tag 11 other people.

-Ask the tagged ones 11 questions.

-Inform the tagged people

The questions:

1. What do you drink while you are blogging?
Nothing most of the time.. the few times will be water or Coke zero if I want something sweet

2. Which Dashboard you use - old or new one?
The old version

3. What is your favourite colour?
Depends on my mood, most of the time it'll be purple, black, pink or red

4. Have you got Pen Pals? If not, would you like to have one?
I used to have pen pals, and yea I'd definitely love to write letters again

5. Dress, skirt or trousers?

6. What makes you easily smile?
Most things. I smile alot and very easily

7. What is your greatest obsession?
I don't really obsess bout stuff

8. What is your daily routine?
Depends alot. If I don't have plans, I'll be home lazing around, doing school assignments & taking care of Dusky. If I do go out, I have a whole ritual involving dressing up, putting on makeup & doing my hair.

9. Which colour has the number 1 for you?
Must I choose? I can't decide between pink & purple. Pink creeps into my life, I have no idea why I have so many pink stuffs but I'm partial to purple for being able to be dark yet feminine at the same time

10. What was the last movie you watched and liked?
Howl's Moving Castle, and it will always have a permanent place in my heart

11. What are your future plans?
Plan a graduation trip with friend/s and get a decent job after graduation

I don't feel like imposing myslef on anyone and forcing them to do this questions and tagging thingy, so if any of my readers takes up the challenge, remember to drop me a comment/link and I'll definitely check yours out!

Since this is a rather short post, I'll toss in a quick review of Majolica Majorca's Galss Drop Gel Coat:

Took this pic off as I seem to have lost my own picture of the top coat in its pristine condition

It's a top coat with an exception, it produces a really lovely shiny look reminiscent of a gel or gelish style manicure. This top coat helps to make your DIY nail polish look expensive and professionally done! It dries pretty fast too, so I haven't experienced any messes with it yet. My only gripe is that after bout 3-4 days, my nail polishes start to crack and chip apart so with lighter colours, the cracks are more obvious then darker colours or glitter polishes. However, that's something I can live with since I usually change my nail polish after a week or so.

It's thick consistency makes it easy to apply and spread around your nail, only one coat is needed for each finger. For the price of $14.50, it's alittle pricier then normal top coats but it's truly worth its price and I doubt I'll ever use other top coats ever again if they continue its production.


  1. I haven't seen Majolica Majorca's new topcoat around yet D: hope they arrive in Malaysia soon >_<

    Thanks for the review (: !

    1. Oh, it was supposed to be part of last Christmas's collection but perhaps it'll take awhile to come. When it does arrive, be sure to get it! the top coats is really fabulous!!