Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Personal Outfit & Magnetic Nail Polish

I went to support Steph during her gig last Friday. Her band and her totally remade some songs into acoustic versions which were simply amazing! Funny enough, I was freaking out about what to wear to the event and Steph eventually suggested the outfit I ended up in:

Goggles: Shop in Far East Plaza

Zip Camisole (not seen): Tutuha

Shirt: Taobao

Tulle Skirt: Forever 21

Choker: Hellcat Punks

Thigh high socks: Shop in Ngee ann city

Bracelet: Taobao

Pic of Steph and I that night. I look so fat nxt to her... meh...

My hair failed me by refusing to curl but I really really liked my makeup that day.

Anyway, the day before the gig, I managed to snag myself a bottle of Magnetic effect nail polish. The brand I got is Nails inc. in the shade, Trafalgar Square. Its kindda like a gun metal shade of grey, the bluish undertones look great with my skin but I suspect the magnet which came with the nail polish was too weak, I could barely create the designs on my nails.

I do see some darker spots here and there, almost like an airbrushed effect but I think I'll try the nail polish with a stronger magnet during the next round. The polish also dries incredibly fast, so it's pretty amazing. However, the best part I like about it is, if you made a mistake or hated the design u managed to create with the magnet, you could easily paint a generous coat of d polish over the previous polish and restart the design process all over again!

The result of 2-3 coats of polish with my first attempt at trying to get d magnetic effect. By now the nails have begun to chip abit, however, considering it managed to last nearly the entire weekend, I'm truly amazed since I'm pretty rough with my hands. I even do the housework without any gloves or anything.

I tried to paint my toenails minus the magnetic effect. In real life, there is a difference in the look of my finger and toenails, however my camera decides to get all cranky on me and decided to not snap d best looking picture. In the end, if you use this particular shade as a normal polish, the colour is still pretty nice.

Overall, if it weren't for the amazing shade of polish I managed to snag, I think the whole magnetic hype is kindda overrated. It does produce a lovely pattern however, its alittle tricky to get the right look from it but considerng I paid about $21.90 for it at Watsons, I think the price isn't too bad. It's bit pricy but not crazy expensive, so its a simple trend that everyone can try.

Bleaugh, my eyes are soo heavy and closing soon, so till next time!


  1. Awe, you both look so pretty! I love your goggles, haha ♥
    Isn't the magnetic polish fun? I love that it doesn't have to be perfect too, it's so easy to fix!

    1. Aww thanks Tori!! <3 The goggles are such a fun and attention grabbing accesory ;P Yea, the magnetic nail polishes are quite fun adn I like that its beauty is in its imperfections.

  2. wow I love your hair!!

    that magnetic polish is a really cool idea. I think it creates this effect that make ppl look twice and wonder hehe

    1. Thanks alot ;) Yea, magnetic polishes are a fun twist to simply painting one's nails

  3. I still think your hair is pretty,love the color.
    And I like your makeup also XD

  4. I love your outfit! I've tried magnetic nailpolish, but only testing it out at the store. It seems pretty cool but is expensive right now.

    1. Thanks! Oh, you should definitely get one, because its so useful that you can get 2 different effects from a single polish, though I have to admit it is bit pricey DX

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks alot and thanks for sollowing too! ;D