Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Personal Outfit (Culture Clash: Japanese Meets French)

The bf and I spent a day window shopping last Saturday. It was a day of simply wandering around and relaxing.

By chance, we managed to catch a Taiko drum performance by a visitng Japanese troupe.

Their performance was amazingly energetic and adrenaline-pumping though the volume nearly ruptured my earbuds as I was standing right in front of them. Its a pity that they were only around for the weekend.

We found out that there was a Japanese Spring food fair going on, hence the performance and the delicious smells wafting out from the supermarket.

The bf managed to snag himself this adorable Pokemon mask, it's called Mijumaru and its an otter, though the pokemon is kindda bit stupid in my opinion. It was so hilarious when a little Japanese girl saw him wearing the mask, her eyes went incredibly wide and she stared non-stop at him and was tugging at her mother's skirt to get her to look at the mask.

Got this amazing Pudding Dorayaki, Steph remarked that it looked like it could cause diabetes from eating it, but it wasn't that sweet. The bitterness from the caramel contrasted the sugery-sweetness nicely.

We later walked around abit before having Tea break at the new French bakery in town.

It's called Paul and seems that they have a long history in pastry-making and naturally, are very proud of their French heritage. The entire menu was written in French, luckily I can understand alittle French and there were English explanations of the dishes. Even the hostess was a fierce-looking French lady.

The bf's hot chocolate, that was super rich. It was like they simply melted down a bar of milk chocolate and added just the littlest bit of milk. So rich and cloying but oh so good at the same time.

Potato pancake with sauteed mushrooms and side salad. The whole dish was really fresh and I loved the earthiness of the mushrooms, the potato pancake had just the right amount of crispy bits as well as soft, mushy sections like mashed potatos.

Teatime set, with a slice of chocolate cake, creme brulee and 2 macarons (one lemon, one chocolate) and Vanilla tea. The chocolate cake was rich and dense in the middle with a slight crispness to wards the edges, the creme brulee was heavenly and so smooth, it was like eating pure cream. The lemon macaron was tart but not too sweet but the chocolate macaron was abit too much, maybe because I had demolished half the cake by then, so I was alittle sick of chocolate.

Relatively casual outfit as I was opting more for comfort:

Maxi dress: This Fashion

Jacket: Nichii

Bag: Jimmy Choo

Sandals: Chanel

I love the Chanel sandals to bits. They're quite comfy except the button on the right foot rubs my big toe abit and I like that its made of plastic so any dirt can be wiped/washed off easily.

Lighter makeup that day with just my RMK foundation and loose powder for the base. However my eye makeup looks heavier and its funny because I used less intensive fake lashes as well as just a quick sweep of white and gold shadow and abit of liner. I didn't even put any shadow on my lower lids! And no I'm not topless, my maxi dress is a tube style, hence the bare shoulders.

Up close of the lashes, I used Nature is Lovely S-1 lashes for my upper lid and Dollywink no.8 on the outer half of my lower lid. I also didn't use enlarging circle lenses.

Wow this turned into a pretty long post! I'll write a review of the Nature is Lovely S-1 lashes when I have the time. My school's trimester is ending in a few weeks time so I have to clear assignments as well as mug for exams, but once that's done it's at least a couple weeks of freedom! I might do a shoot then or something, but whatever the case, I'll try to update this blog as much as possible!

Its funny how life is that when you have nothing to do, nothing happens. But when you are busy, suddenly all activities spring up from nowhere and start fighting for your time and energy!


  1. OMG that pudding doriyaki looks amazing!

    Totally love your shoes and dress :D very pretty!

    1. It does look amazing doesn't it? Tasted great too!

      & thanks alot ;D

  2. Wow that is real hot chocolate!! Awesome and so rare to see! I LOVE your outfit, you look so beautiful!! ^-^

    1. Yes! It's so weird that amazing hot chocolate is so hard to find :( & thanks alot

  3. Love the sandals' design!!
    Your makeup always looks cute!!
    And i'm jealous of your hair color XD

  4. Gahhh all that food looks so so good! I wish I could visit that restaurant!
    I like that dress too!

    1. If you ever drop by Singapore, you should definitely check that restaurant out! & Thanks