Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cosfest X.2 Event

Back in February, I attended the first cosplay event of the year in Singapore. Its especially significant to me as it was the first time that I had bothered taking part in an event onstage for a cosplay event. Usually I'm too lazy to bother thinking up a routine or creating stage props and stuff for the routine especially when it already takes me ages (and burns a large hole in my pocket) to get my wig, costume, shoes and makeup right for my cosplays. However, this stage event required me to simply strut around onstage, pose for abit and if I'm good enough, I'll get called back for another audition and might just stand a chance to go to Japan for the Cure Cosplay Runway!

So I badgered my partner to join the event with me. Shiro and I did Karakuri Burst from the Vocaloid mv, with her as Kagamine Len and I as Kagamine Rin:

Beautiful picture by Nicholas Yoon, with his usual style of playing with light and shadows. I think Shiro looks incredibly bishie as Len. She was dying of heat though, because she was dressed head to toe in PVC in the heat and humidity. The things we do for cosplay....

Another picture of me! I thought I wouldn't suffer in the heat and humidity as much as Shiro, but I was so wrong! The white robe was made of super thick cotton and lined with satin, which kept in all the heat especially in my arms, so I too was baking all day.

I'm especially proud of Shiro and I for actually being able to walk about decently onstage though I messed up abit at the end. I was soo terrified of either one of us falling off the stage as we were both blind in one eye (her with her eye patch, and I with my bandaged eye) not to mention, we were both wearing platforms. So the fact that neither of us stumbled ontage was good enough for me.

The next day, I cosplayed the Princess of the Crystal from the series Mawaru Penguindrum. Its an amazing series that requires you to watch over and over again to understand it fully. This costume again, was making me bake in the heat and humidity all day as I was wearing PVC leggings, gloves and corset as well as a fur-liner hat on top of my wig. However, this character was pretty fun and I'm so glad my friend, Isa, loaned me her penguin toy prop as she was cosplaying the same character the day before.

Again by Nicholas, I gotta thank my friends, Esther and Joshua for helping me hold the skirt up for this picture ;)

I like the colours in this picture. I had also put alot of makeup on for this character, considering how confident and glamorous she was everytime she appeared in the series. But it barely shows in pictures, so you can imagine just how much of a clown I looked like that day in real life. Hahahah

I'm just abit disappointed with the bottom part of my costume. I had switched my white bottoms for a bikini bottom as I thought it would be safer as the material was thicker. I just didn't count on it not being as high waisted as the original and with my corset riding up, it just made things worse. Another thing was I kept pushing my hat back to scratch an itch on my forehead, I didn't realsie how far back my hat was till after the pictures came out. It was so far back that you can easily see where I had pinned the fringe of my wig! Ugh, I'll definitely improve on them in my future shoot. But overall, this character was fun to cosplay and I was introduced to an amazing photographer who took some shots of me in it, I'm just waiting for him to finish editing the pictures and I might release them on this blog next time.

I'm looking forward to the next cosplay event, however, since I don't have a team or partner for both days I'll probably wind up digging up my old costumes to reuse again if I can't get the costumes that I feel like getting in time for the event. Ah well, I'll see how it goes...