Friday, March 9, 2012

Personal Outfits (Split Personalities)

Been seriously deprived of a social life recently and it sucks the most when your school conveniently decides to hold a test on Sunday, I mean who does that? (My school, apparently...) But I took it as a opportunity to finally do my old gyaru-influenced style of makeup as I was gonna meet the Bf after the test.

Lately, I've come to realise that my dressing/ makeup style has split neatly into 2 distinct styles. One is of course the old gyaru style with the circle lens, thicker foundation, pink blush & heavily shadowed & lined eyes, complete with both top and bottom fake lashes. Naturally, the clothes are louder, more revealing and just simply over-the-top and trendy with super high heels. Of course, you can't have over-the-top style without big curly hair right?

My other style is more of a casual, laidback style with non-enlarging lens, less foundation, peach-pink blush, light sweep of eyeshadow and copious amounts of mascara. The clothes are relaxed & comfortable & mostly paired with flats and simple hair that's mostly flat-ironed or tied back.

Pictures explain it all:

My gyaru-inspired look

Top: Glad News

Stockings: Can't remember

Shoes: Gal Star

Leopard bag: Jimmy Choo

Beanie: Maison Gilfy

Thicker makeup consisting of:


Primer: Biore Sunscreen

Concealer: Sana pore putty & Canmake liquid concealer

Foundation: RMK Cream foundation & Majolica Majorca Powder foundation

Eyebrow: Kate eyebrow mascara & Canmake eyebrow pencil

Blush: Canmake cream blush & Candydoll pink Blush

Highlighter: Candydoll purple highlighter

Bronzer: Bahama Mama

Loose Powder: Palgantong

Concealer (to contour my nose): Shu Uemura duo pencil concealer


Primer: Urban Decay Primer

Eyeshadow: White & gold Majolica Majorca single shadows & Dior 5 colour palette (brown shade only)

Eyeliner: Heroine make liquid eyeliner & Sana slanted eyeliner

mascara: heroine make Curl & Volume mascara

Upper Lash: Daiso

Lower Lash: Dollywink No.5


Lipstick: Estee Lauder

Lipgloss: E.L.F.

Example of my laidback style:

White dress: Bought in Macau

Denim shirt: Series

Engineer boots: random shop in Bugis Street

Bag: gift from fashion event

Feather clip: Diva

Finally jumped on the feather-in-hair trend. I've been wanting to get one earlier but I've always only found earrings (I don't have pierced ears) & nowhere sold earcuffs without breaking my budget. I finally chanced upon this hair pin & bought it instantly, I love it as an additional accessory that's subtle but definitely adds an interesting twist.



primer: Biore Sunscreen

Concealer: Sana Pore Putty & Canmake Liquid concealer

Foundation: Majolica majorca powder foundation

Blush: Canmake cream blush & Majolica Majorca peach blush

highlighter: candydoll purple highlighter

Bronzer: Bahama Mama

Eyebrow: Kate eyebrow mascara & Canmake eyebrow pencil

Loose powder: Palgantong

Concealer (to contour my nose): Shu Uemura duo pencil concealer


Eyeshadow: White & gold Majolica Majorca single shadow

Eyeliner: heroine Make liquid liner & Sana slanted eyeliner

Mascara: Heroine make Long & Curl, Heroine make Volume & Curl, Heroine Make Impact frame & Curl, Too Faced Lashgasm & Maybelline Hello Kitty Volum' Express (Yes I layer them like mad, I love my lashes too much)


Lipstick: Anna Sui

Lipgloss: Majolica Majorca

I know after sifting through the list of makeup products, it doesn't seem like that much of a difference in terms of the base. But trust me, the effect is completely different and its definitely alot thicker.

I'm so glad that I've actually managed to allow the 2 parts of my clothing personality to co-exist, with one hand wanting to be loud, different from the crowd and all dolled up while the other wanting a more relaxed, simpler and comfortable look. Unfortunately, my wardrobe is the poor casualty from the long and tedious period of trying to balance both sides. So I need to sift through it soon and start purging unwanted stuff from there.

What about you? Do you have mixed personalities in your wardrobe too?


  1. I know what you mean. I feel like I have a ton of different fashion personalities!

    I like your first more gyaru-esque outfit and makeup.

    1. Thank you! & I think everyone has slightly differing personalitites to match their moods & situations :)

  2. Awe, I think both of your fashion 'personalities' actually go really well together! You still have this awesome rock-ish feel going on with both ♥ & trust me, your laidback style is 1,000x better than my lazy ass one, haha XD Mine just looks broke.

    1. Thanks babe! I didn't realise the casial had a rock-ish feel to it till you mentioned it haha. Aww, ur lazy ass outfit may be broke, but you got awesome jewellry and shoes to fix anything!

  3. I think you look cute in both outfits ^ ^

  4. hotaru you are the cutest thing ever. I hope one day we can hangout!! <3

    1. Thanks babe! I hope to be able to met you in real life too! ;)