Saturday, March 3, 2012

Advertorial: L'oreal Paris Youth Code Pre-Essence

I had a fabulous time at Cosfest last weekend, however, I'm still trying to sift out the pictures that were taken there as well as arranging new shoots and new cosplay plans with my friends. So in the meantime, I'll do this little review:

Today's review is the L'oreal Paris Youth Code Pre-Essence

Nuffnang was kind enough to send me some little samples of this amazing product

So I got these cute little 5ml tubes of the product. I was abit apprehensive at how long these little tubes would last but it really surprised me, I've used them every night for bout 2-3 weeks nows and I've yet to even finish one tube!

A single drop is all that is required for an entire face (okay bad picture, the pre-essence is so liquidy that it started to run once I applied it to the back of my hand)

The Pre-Essence claims this:

In 1 drop: More Radiant

In 1 week: More Refined

In 1 month: Rejuvenated Skin

It's also supposed to be the result of Pro-Gen Technology which helps to recover genes by working on a cellular level. But enough of all these bombastic sounding science-y stuff, what truly matters is whether it actually works right?

In my experience, this little tube of Pre-Essence has become a real holy grail item in my skincare regime. My old skincare regime consisting of solely my Sana moisturizer on my face was starting to lose its effectiveness and my old problem of having massive breakouts on my face during my PMS period had returned.

However, upon using this product, my skin instantly started to clear up! Even the clogged pores that had refused to surface slowly went away and now I have smooth, clear and radiant skin once again. It also passed my PMS breakout test this month so I can safely say it's pretty effective.

The product is a mostly clear liquid that isn't thick and it gets absorbed into the skin almost instantaneously. All I have to do is rub it between my palms and tap it onto my face and it'll be absorbed immediately. The smell is also a pleasant slightly floral scent but it is barely noticeable so I doubt people who are sensitive to smells will be affected by it.

At only $29.90 a bottle, its getting a permanent spot in my skincare regime. It's an amazing product and with only a single drop needed during each application, I'm sure a full-sized bottle of the product will last a few months which is total value for money! I've also read a few reviews comparing this product to Lancome's Genefique Youth Activating Concentrate, so of course price-wise this L'oreal's Pre-Essence definitely wins hands down.

In summary:

Texture: Slightly viscous but mostly runny

Absorption: Near instantaneous absorption

Effectiveness: Highly effective in making my existing products work harder (I have less blemishes but use less moisturizer at the same time)

Price: 4.5/5 ($29.90 at Watsons and Guardian outlets, not bad for a product that only requires a single drop per application)

Use: apply the Pre-Essence after cleansing your face and applying toner but before your serum and moisturizer (I don't use toner, so I just apply it straight before my serum and moisturizer)

All in all, it's a major find and is now a holy grail item for me.

*Samples provided by Nuffnang, however, the review was 100% my personal opinion*


  1. So gonna try this, it sounds amazing! ♥

    1. It is amazing! Worth every penny! I'll 150% buy the full-sized bottle once my samples run out

  2. Where cn i get a sample for myself?