Saturday, December 3, 2011

Makeup Review: Majorlica Majorca Powder Foundation

Sorry guys!!! I know its been ages since I updated, but I had to finish a school assignment, then a exam came fairly quickly after that. However, now that they're done I'm finally able to get back to blogging!

Today's review is a product I've come to love very much, it's Majolica Majorca's Skin Remaker 2-way compact foundation. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking for now:

The powder and the case in their packaging. I bought it in shade B010 but there are 3 other varying shades.

After sliding the powder into the case. Also, for hygiene and wear and tear reasons, a sponge is included with the powder, so you can always change it once you finish the powder.

The beautiful gold case. I've heard that ZA powders fit perfectly into it, so if you want a pretty case, you can always opt for this! I find the quality of this case better then Kate's as it has more weight to it and with the decorations over the top, scratches won't be as obvious on it.

Majolica's case also has this nifty spring locking system to secure the powder firmly in place. To remove, just push it forward and upwards and the powder clicks free. You also need not deal with a sticky mess unlike most other brands that still depend on a sticky adhesive to secure the powder.

Pardon the weird wonky eye, this picture was taken in the food court of a mall with quite harsh fluorescent white lighting, but my skin looks pretty nice. I also used Majolica Majorca's primer under the foundation, and as compared to my last review bout it, the product seems to have improved alot. I no longer get a weird chalky finish and a dry powdery texture from it. It's almost like a lighter form of BB cream now.

Okay, I'm digressing, but basically this foundation is fabulous, it's finely milled and has a soft, silky finish. Its also incredibly easy to apply so I can apply it on-the-go if I'm late for an appointment without creating a crazy mess.

In summary:

Coverage: 8/10 (Medium coverage for me, but it could be because I use the primer beforehand. I have read of cases where people claim the powder didn't work for them and emphasises their pores, so use a primer! For heavier coverage, wet the sponge before application)

Texture: 10/10 (To me, it blends like a dream, I can apply it without bothering to look at a mirror and it's just fine. The powder is silky soft and finely-milled but some have claimed that it has a silicone-like texture so be wary of that if you're against or have a reaction to silicone)

Oil Control: 7/10 (The powder hardly oxidises through the day, which is a first for me! It mixes with my facial oil to produce a soft, glowy look on my face, so I no longer need to touch up or bring along blotters)

Price: 7/10 (The case costs $12.90 and the powder refill costs $29.50 and it has lasted me for bout a month and half before hitting the pan. It's certainly alot cheaper then my Kate foundation)

However, I must warn my readers and especially western gals out there. Most of the shades are yellow-toned, so if you're really fair, you will have a sickly appearance after applying the foundation. It seems that there is a lighter shade then the one I'm currently using called OC10, so I'm planning to try it out after I finish this current palette.

Final Camwhore pic hehe....


-Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie makeup base

-Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker powder foundation

-SANA Pore Putty concealer

-Candydoll Mineral Loose powder in Pearl Crystal


-Canmake Eyebrow Pencil in 03 light brown

-Kate Eyebrow mascara in LB-2

-Urban Decay Primer Potion

-Majolica Majorca Eye Shadow Customize in WT963 & BR 665

-Dior 5 colour Eye Shadow Palette in Night Dust

-Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara in Long & Curl

-Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Liner

-Dollywink No.2 Sweet Girly (Upper lash)

-Dollywink No.5 Real Nude (Lower lash)


-Candydoll Strawberry Pink

-Majolica Majorca Eye Shadow Customize in WT963 (highlighter)

-Sasa Bahama Mama bronzer


-Maybelline Baby Lips lipbalm in Smoothing Cherry

-Ann Sui rouge jar in 01

-Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex in PK-313


-Bambi/Princess Mimi Sesame grey

As you can see from the list, Majolica Majorca has slowly been invading my makeup box. I won't deny that they have fabulous products for a fair price, so I might end up purchasing more Majolica Majorca products in the future.


  1. You look SO gorgeous in those face shots! ♥ You definitely sold me on this foundation, & the gorgeous packaging doesn't hurt either, haha!

  2. @ Tori - Aww thanks!!! I think the cam with the front LED screen helped me take better face shot ;P

    Hahah the foundation is great, just avoid the shades starting with BO, i think those are yellow-toned, and the packaging definitely helps to sell the product! hahahah

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