Friday, December 30, 2011

Aftermath of Christmas

Hi everyone, I hoped you all had a lovely time during christmas! Personally, it wasn't that fun for me, if you followed me on Twitter, you would get an idea why. I'm sorry if I ruined anyone's festive mood with my ranting on Twitter, but it was my only accessible outlet to vent my frustrations.

Anyway, once again, I've got a backlog of posts. I've been running around like mad without a break over the past week and only today, was I finally able to sit down at home and do whatever I fancied for the day. I'll try to post them as fast as I can, but with many other things planned ahead that I wish to accomplish before my new school trimester robs me of time, I can't promise how fast those posts will be up. So bear with my slow posts, gomen nasai!!

Anyway, some Chrsitmas pics:

Thankfully my dad decided to order food this year instead of attempting to cook everything himself and forcing me to help him. It sucks when out of the entire family, only my dad and I are able to cook without poisoning anyone and my dad holds onto the reins tightly in the kitchen whilst continuously barking orders at me. The bf helped by buying this amazingly scrumptious fruit tart. Crunchy, buttery tart shell, with cream piled high atop a smooth custard base and then topped with an assortment of berries that gave a sharp edge to the creaminess of the tart, followed by crisp, puffed rice cereal and the whole thing was held together with a mixture of gelatin and syrup giving it a sweet, stickiness. My mouth is wtaering right now at the thought of it.

My gifts, except for Chibito, who steadfastedly refused to be in the photo and attempted to bite my finger off in protest. The books are from my Dad and the 2 Tintin DVDs are from my sister (yes, I'm a big fan of Tintin!), the necklace and earrings are from a cosplay friend, but I guess she failed to notice(as many others do) to notice that I actually lack pierced ears, haha! But they're lovely gifts all the same! My mom also gave me an "IOU" for a hair-colouring session at a salon, but it isn't pictured here.

I'm actually nearly finishing the Inheritance book, I've only got about a 1/4 left to go before the end. I'm quite sad to see the series end as its the last series that I've read since the first novel was released. I've seen Harry Potter end, then it was the Alex Rider series, and now the Inheritance Cycle. I hate that its a reminder that I'm of a certain age now but I guess I could alwasy devote myself to reading classics next. Perhaps I'll tackle Haruki Murakami's works, I haven't read any of his works since Norwegian Wood, as the novel left a deep impression on me that no book ever has and I wish to refuse to let that feeling go. But at the same time, his latest work, 1Q84, is calling out to me, so I guess I have to leave that shell soon enough.

LOL, I just realised how from a relatively happy beginning of this post, its started to become rather serious as I started spewing the torrents of emotions about the various books I have read. I guess it's rather obvious how books will always have a special place in my heart.


  1. OMG so many gifts ahhaa!

    Hope you had a wonderful christmas!


  2. Yaaaaaaaaay! I love Inheritance! It's also been one of the series I've followed from beginning to end. I was starting to think he'd never release the last book, but when I saw the announcement I was so happy!

    That fruit tart looks amazing~

  3. I love the Inheritance Cycle <3 its one of my favourite works :3 Love it more than HP ~

  4. Oh wow, that tart does look mouth watering XD The decorations looks so cute on it, and its great you didn't have to get ordered around so much by your dad this year. And lots of new reading material, its lovely you got gifts which you are passionate about^^/

  5. @ Emy - Haha yeap, hope you had a lovely Christmas too!

    @ Kassidy - Yes!!! The story is amazing! Makes me wanna try reading the entire Lord of the Rings series since its so obvious that he was highly influenced by it. Hope you managed to snag yourself the Inheritance book!

    Haha I'm still craving the tart!

    @ raindropsinthesky - The Inheritance Cycle is awesome! I can't really compare it to HP since its pretty different but I love them both for different reasons ;P

    @ Sara Mari - Yea the sugar santa is pretty cute and I'm so relieved I didn't have to be ordered around! Yea, its awesome to receive gifts one likes but I'm eyeing your Clarisonic cleanser!!

  6. Awe, I'm sorry to hear your Christmas wasn't as merry as it could have been... hopefully your New Year's has been better ♥ That tart looks like it was heaven though & you got some really cute gifts!

  7. @ Tori - Haha, well its an annual affair, so I've gottan rather used to it.