Tuesday, December 20, 2011

End-Of-Year (EOY) Event 2011

Today was a rather dreary day for me. My family had initially planned to go to Universal Studios today, but the weather decided to unleash its fury upon us and it rained the whole day. I barely saw the sun peeking through the ominous looking sky, which resulted in me feeling, cold, wet and thoroughly unhappy and in a foul mood for the rest of the day.

It didn't help when I was dressed in a shirt and denim cut-offs, having intended to have fun in the sun but ended up in the confines of a freezing cold mall with only a thin cardigan that my sis had wisely told me to bring along, "just in case". We ended up watching Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. The movie was pretty good but my teeth were chattering from the icy cold blasts of air conditioning in the cinema. But, I'll stop digressing from the intended blog post today and shall attempt to cheer myself up with the fun pictures I took at EOY.

I cosplayed Nanami Haruka from the series Uta Prince as was accompanied by my friends, Esther and Tsukiya who cosplayed Shou and Shouko. The event felt more like a gathering of friends but it was fun nontheless.

Shouko on the left and Shou on the right. They are actually the same character, however, Shou winded up being dressed as a girl in an episode, and was dubbed Shouko hahaha!

My other friends, the other 2 girls are cosplaying Gundam Seed characters and the guy is Kenneth, one of my favourite photographers!

Esther gave me the palmtop tiger from the anime Toradora! as a Chirstmas pressie. I know it isn't a good picture, but I'll upload better pics of him next time. We've nicknamed him Chibito and as you can see, he's holding my wallet hostage to force me to feed him.

Bonus picture:

Shou and Shouko dancing for Nanami who is sitting like a boss LOL!!

I'll upload better pictures next time, once Kenneth hands me the higher resolutions photos. Persoanlly, its pretty easy to cosplay Nanami, since personally I find she doesn't have much of a presence, even in the anime. Plus with her gentle personality, it's hard to go wrong and all I have to do is to be more feminine, softer and gentler then normal.

However, the costume was pretty hot as it's the winter school uniform, so I was actually wearing a white collared shirt buttoned all the way to the neck, a plaid dress and a blazer and pantyhose. The thick layers also don't help that much in pictures as I look fat in certain angles. But oh well, this costume would probably be my go-to costume when I have nothing planned as it's pretty easy to maintain.


  1. Awe, Chibito is so cute! ♥ I'm sorry to hear you had a rough day, but at least looking back on this event can cheer you up. It looks like it was a really fun time & you look awesome as always!

  2. Oh that's too bad you were dressed for the wrong temperature and ended up freezing in a movie theater. But your cosplay looks so hiqh quality and cute! Argh, I always feel self conscious when thin girls say they look chubby TT You look cute and that's that! XDD

  3. @ Tori- yeap! the event was fun so it's the perfect pick-me-up after a bad day.

    @ Sara Mari - Thanks! Aww, its the costume that made me look fat because the layers made me look wider hahaah, but thanks alot! And u're really slim too, so don't feel too self-concious