Thursday, December 15, 2011

Korean Press-on Cheek & Eyemake Set

I first read about this amazing Cheek & Eyemake press-on makeup set from this blog: and was so amazed and by it that I just had to blog about it.

I'm sure you've all heard about instant eyesadows before, it seems that Avon & L'oreal have produced their own versions of it. However, the Grandma of press on eyeshadow was called eye majic and was featured ages ago in Oprah Winfrey's show. Well in case you haven't or if you need a refresher, it looked like this:

It was simply 2 sponge applicators on a tray with the eyeshadow nicely stuck on it. All you had to do was position it nicely on your eyelid and then press it down for a couple of seconds and presto! nicely done eyeshadow! I remember using it back when my local Sasa sold it and my mom went nuts and bought lots of it for her "lazy" days. It was kindda pricey though, so I stopped purchasing it after awhile and it slowly disappeared off the shelves.

I remember thinking to myself, "if only it could be used more then once, what a great way to apply shadow for lazy people or people learning to apply makeup for the first time!" Well, it seems that a korean brand, Chosungah Luna, had the same ideas and have produced their own version that is reusable AND it pushes the boundaries further by including a highlighter and blush version too!

This is how the set is supposed to look like. It comes with 2 shadows, a blush and highlighter combination and 3 sponge applicators.

The different sponge applicators for each of the shadows

The 2 options that are available so far. I'm liking the shadows for both sets so far but I'm not quite sure about the blush and highlighter combination. I especially like how they offer one neutral eyeshadow and one heavier style.

It seems fairly easy to use, just dip the sponge applicator on the shadow, making sure to press down on both sides to pick up the shadow evenly, and then I guess you'll just press it onto your eyelid.

I'm loving this idea alot and am seriously considering asking my friend who's visitng Korea next month, to try and get a palette for me to try it out. However, the main thing that is holding me back is the cheek print. I always figured that the application of blush and highlighter was a rather personal thing, as you had to learn what was best for contouring your face since no face is ever alike and different bone structures requires different areas of focus.

However, it is tempting me alot as I'm trying to imagine the possibilities of it cutting down the time spent on my eye makeup and no longer having to fret at finding the different shadows to mix around and fiddling with a makeup brush when I am trying to rush out the door.

Oh well, I have bout a week or 2 to decide if I wanna bug my friend to find it in Korea for me. If I do get it, you can be sure to expect a review of it!


  1. I think it definitely sounds worth a try, though I wonder about these looking 'too perfect' aka fake XD Still, it'd be fun to try! Hope your friend can snag you one ;)

  2. i'd be really interesting to see a picture of someone right after they'd applied it... i'm slightly suspicious that it would come off as good as it says...

  3. @ Tori - Hm, I'm not sure about the fake part since I'll probably blend out the shadow instead of just sticking it onto my lids haha! But yea, I hope my friend will be able to locate it for me, it's appealing to me more and more!

    @ karisuma gyaru - Haha, I'll definitely do a review of it, if my friend is able to get her hands on a palette in Korea. I'm also wondering how the shadow and blush would look like when its applied on.