Monday, January 2, 2012

End-Of-Year 2011 (Continued)

Happy New Year to all! It's hard to believe that 2011 is over and its already 2012. The year seriously flew by in the blink of an eye and I'm left scratching my head wondering what exactly did I do the past year. But I shan't bore you people with it, neither will I make any sort of new year's resolutions since I'll probably forget about them before the week is over, no thanks to my shoddy memory.

Well, as promised, I'm uploading the higher resolution pictures that Kenneth took of me during the End-Of-Year (EOY) 2011 event, the last cosplay event in my country. It was a seriously messy and poorly-organised event and I was tempted to skip out of attending it, especially when majority of the cosplayers had headed off to Malaysia to attend Comifest. But since the event was located at a school, I figured I'd might as well make use of it!

However, I winded up looking quite fierce in some of the pictures so, only these 2 shall be seen. The rest shall be tucked away in a corner and shall never see the light of day ever again.

Esther (as Shou) and I. Loving her adorable froggy head!

My super cute Shouko!

I was asked to pose for a local website/Iphone app that is pretty much the same logic as the popular Bijin or Gal Tokei. However, this photo makes me look short and wide, so not very pleased with it but at least I just had to endure a minute of my ugly mug being shown on the app and website LOL!

We met some friends at the event and winded up eating at an Indonesian restaurant later in the evening. Naturally, Chibito threatened me with physical violence and forced me to smuggle him into the restaurant so that I could feed him.

Chibito after his meal (just kidding! And no, the red parts aren't blood, just some leftover chilli paste and those are fish bones)

He's especially distrusting of Kenneth's driving skills, so of course, he kept a careful eye on him!

I'll be having plenty of photoshoot pictures up soon, as to date, I've done about 3 shoots, 2 of which were done within this past week alone. I'm still waiting for Kenneth to finish editing them and send them my way for a final inspection before their release haha!

Anyway, in case you heavn't heard, Japan suffered another earthquake of magnitude of about 6.8-7.2 (depending on the area). As far as I know, no tsunami warnings have been sent but I'm sure its not an experience people would want so early in the new year. So take a moment to send a little prayer for Japan and lets hope for the best.


  1. Happy New Year hunnie~! ♥ Looking fabulous as always & wishing you a happy & healthy 2012.

  2. @ Tori - Happy new year to you too!:)