Saturday, January 7, 2012

Personal Outfits (Busy End)

I was rather free when December rolled by, however, towards the last 2 weeks of December, lots of things started happening back-to-back so I've winded up delaying my post once again. Too many things to list down specifically so I'll let my outfits for the various day do most of the talking.

Singapore had quite alot of cold days with plenty of rain towards the end of the year, so I figured why not bring out my winter-influenced wear. Wore this for some Chritsmas shopping I think.


Turtleneck cape: second-hand from Mom

Inner tank top: can't remember

Denim skirt: Victoria Beckham for Rock & Republic

Thigh high socks: Cosmode

Leopard bag: Jimmy Choo

Shoes: Gal Star

Wore this for a movie date with the bf, we watched Sherlock Holmes. Gotta love the bro-mance between Sherlock and Watson hahah


Dress: Can't remember

Red Stockings: This Fashion

Shoes: Taobao

Leopard Bag: Jimmy Choo

Wore this when I went out with Esther before heading to a friend's house for a Christmas-themed dinner. We were fed pasta and cheese fondue by the guys who took over the kitchen, whilst the girls waited for them to be done. Esther says I look like a kuma (bear) with my hairdo combined with my fur stole.


Black shirt: Giordano

Jeans: River Island

Fur Stole: Uniqlo

Shoes: Gal Star

The rest of our purikura. I'm terribly sad that the outlet at Cineleisure has closed, so now there's only one shop left that has awesome purikura machines.

Went for an outing with some of my cosplay friends. We had planned to go ice-skating but it was too crowded so we decided to go bowling instead. I finally brought my polaroid camera along so other then Esther and I, the other girl is called Neir and the guy is Daisy (you may recognise him as my partner for my Just Be Friends cosplay and as my first Claude Faustus)

My last shoot so far and the first shoot for the year. Care to guess what series we're from? Should be pretty obvious! Kenneth was photographer and another cosplayer, Minichaos, came down to assist in the shoot. Mini does fabulous drool-worthy cross-dressing, I should probably show some examples of her fabulous work next time.

My classes are starting next Tuesday, but my mind is drifting off and planning for the next cosplay event in February. Unfortunately, I totally forgot just how long China celebrates Chinese New Year, so I've got a costume that may not make it in time for the event. Luckily, my partner is facing the same situation so at least I'm not exactly abandoning her during the event. I also had to change my plans as the other costume I had planned to get, the seller decided to increase the price by such a crazy amount as it was considered rushed order, so I scrapped that plan and pushed another plan forward instead. It's a good thing that this 2 particular costumes are solo plans of mine, so it's easier to switch them around.

Plenty of things to look forward to for the year I guess, and I'll probably be doing a review on this new series of lenses I've been using for cosplay recently, they're alot more comfortable then my previous cosplay favourite, the Dollyeye lenses. I'm also having a backlog of review posts for makeup and stuffs, shall get to them as fast as I can, promise!


  1. I really like the first outfit, it has a lot of items that I love haha! And the Chobits cosplay shoot looks great so far, can't wait to see more^^

    1. Thanks! I'm still waiting for the photos too, but I'm getting all excited bout them!

  2. Your movie date outfit is so cute, I love the bright tights! ♥

    1. Thanks babe! Haha, I sometimes have trouble with how bright those tights are haha

  3. AHhhhh I love your outfits!