Thursday, November 24, 2011

Steph's Birthday Party

Last Saturday night was Steph's birthday party. She and another pal (who was also celebrating his birthday) had booked the VIP lounge of Zouk so we didn't have to bother with jostling with the crowd and fighting for a table or space. After combining her friends and the other birthday guy's friends, there were like 30 of us or so, quite a large group that night. I can't remember everyone so I'd rather not randomly slap pictures of their faces here, especially since I'm not really friends with them.

I was on photography duty that night so there's very little pictures of me, as I was busy trying to capture all the action that was going on that night.

Steph (second from the left), the rest of the girls and I. Yes, my DIY flower clip is pretty big, and I was teased quite abit by Steph's bf bout it. Ironic much, since Steph has a similar flower too and funny thing was, she mentioned that she had initially wanted to wear her flower and the same Vivienne Westwood necklace that we both have (albeit hers is red whilst mine is the pink version), which I wore that night. It also funny considering we never once decided to get those similar things together, we just somehow procured them on our own and ended up realising we have similar ones.

Samanth and I. I ended up chatting with her a fair bit during the night, it was a pity that she had to leave early.

Lets see if I remember the names of Steph's "brothers" clearly, from left: Shin, Clarence and Amos, I think. They were extremely fun to play and chat with and they definitely made the night really fun.

The evening started out fun, but deteriorated quickly. Quite alot of things happened too fast and too furious to get a proper grip on what was happening, and somehow I think I ended up drinking something that I was allergic to.

I ended up with incredibly puffy and swollen eyes for 3 days after that night and my skin itched like mad for 2 nights. Till now, I have no idea what caused it but I do know that drinking and partying the night away still isn't something I can envision myself doing every weekend. It's definitely fun, but just not my cup of tea and I definitely like my wine and sweet, girly cocktails over mixers and shots any night.


  1. Awe, I'm so sorry to hear you had a bad reaction to something you drank!! :( That is definitely no fun.
    But at least you looked gorge & idc what that guy says, you make that flower look good, haha! ;D ♥

  2. That sounds like you had fun! I hope that never happens again! D: (with the flower and the allergies) But Love the make-up (: You look pretty!


  3. Honestly I don't think it was something you drank, but rather how much you drank. I'm presently "recovering" from my atopic eczema & I'm starting to be able to withstand small amounts of food that I used to be allergic to like prawns, alcohol, squid, etc.

    I found out if I ingest too much however (like one bottle of ice wine, which is really much less than a "usual" bottle), it gets too much for my body to handle so I end up slightly itchy for the following two days. So please, be careful & take note of your intake the next time you're drinking! Hope the above helps.

  4. @ Tori - Haha thanks babe!! I still can't figure out what I reacted to but it went away after awhile.

    @ Skybaby Angel - Aww thanks! :)

    @ ursie - Haha you might have a point but problem is, my family loves to drink so I've been drinking quite abit for awhile now, so I doubt it's because of the alcohol, but it might be other things. But thanks for the advice!