Thursday, November 17, 2011

Aftermath of AFA (Anime Festival Asia) 2011

I'm finally gonna write about AFA (Anime Festival Asia) 2011, after having to recuperate for 2 days. Its my least favourite event so far, the crowd was insane with nowhere to move about, there was zero attempt at crowd control, my prop for my second day of cosplay got partially destroyed by some kids who snatched them out of my hands while their parents happily told them to pose for pictures, and there were many other issues.

I usually get all motivated and pumped to do more cosplays after an event and I go nuts to the point I search for any cosplay available and try to convince myself that I might actually achieve them all. But with this event, I feel nothing but drained emotionally, mentally and totally demoralised whereby I question why am I doing cosplay in the first place? Perhaps its abit too much to have all these emotions after a lousy event but questions like that were running through my head throughout the 2 days recuperating. However, I know it won't stop me from doing something I love, I'll just get my kicks from eleewhere I guess haha.

Anyway, some good things were, I managed to meet Usagi (an awesome photographer) after such a long time and he introduced me to these 3 lovely cosplayers from Thailand. They were so sweet and pretty and they gave out some Thai milk candy and a Pretz snack with a unique flavour only available in Thailand. Its called "Larb" and from what I remember, its a savoury stir-fried meat dish.

I doubt I'll be able to find much good quality pictures taken at the event due to the massive crowd and poor lighting, so these are the ones taken at a photography booth conveniently located inside the event hall.

Did Freya from Chobits on Saturday

Cosplayed Panty on Sunday with Esther as Stocking. The Bf helped us make our weapons and it actually lights up with the push of a button, thanks to the built in LED lights.

Another picture taken at another background at the booth. I don't think I did a good job as Panty, so I'll try to change up the wig and outfit for the shoot and hopefully, I'll channel her better.

Oh yes, before I forget, I was actually featured on the Japanese version of Youtube, called Nico Nico Douga. I was interviewed on both days so if you do manage to track down the video of me, please link it to me as I can't seem to locate it. I really wanna read the funny comments that the Japanese made as they watched the interview.

The next cosplay event is in December so I'll see how it goes, I gotta start preparing for next year's events too, I have about 4 other costumes that I feel like doing, so I gotta save up!


  1. Your Freya costume is fantastic ♥

  2. Thats so cool! o^-^o You just gotta love those kids huh? lol but, I love your pictures and costumes!

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    Thank you~