Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Traumatised by Palty & New Hair Color

I have a beef with Palty hair products, after they caused my last hair disaster. Considering the number of DIY at-home kits on the market, I figured the chance of something going terribly wrong would be pretty slim. I was proven wrong.

First, I tried using the Palty bleach spray, hoping it would help me deal with my roots for abit. After a week of spraying and blowng dry and letting it sit for an hour each day, the results were.... nothing! I didn't see any difference in anyway with my hair.

Upset at the spray's utter failure, I figured it was time to bring out the big guns. I got myself two boxes of Palty's Natural Brown bleach (they cost $13.90 a box), steeled myself into doing it and even roped in my sister for help to getting the back of my head done.

After 2 hours, a fist-sized pile of hair being pulled out of my head, choking on the smell of ammonia throughout the ordeal, and traumatizing my sister into declaring she'll never ever be a hairdresser even if her writing gig fails, the results were this:

The left was my hair after using the bleach spray for a week, and the right was after the bleach dye.

I had an amazing rainbow of colors on my head after the bleach dye. The roots on the top were bleached brown, but there were parts which remained black especially the back of my head. I had parts of my hair looking like my old blonde hair and other sections looking more like a golden blonde. My pink section got bleached out to a faded pink and the best part, the hair on the top of the back of my head got fried till I started getting those weird curly bits.

I was so distraught at the results of my hair after the bleach dye that I got very depressed and when I went out, I would either wear a wig or would bun up my hair and tuck it under a hat. I also made an emergency call to my hairdresser to try and rescue my horrible hair.

When I got to the salon, appalled, would be a very gentle word to use at my hairdresser's reaction. She was jumping around and flinging conditioning products onto my hair and demanded I promise her to not bleach my hair till the damaged parts had grown out. Then, she proceeded to work her magic on my hair and managed to salvage it.

The result, after 3 hours of dyeing and steam treatment. She dyed my hair back to the same brown I had before it faded out, the colour that Esther calls raspberry brown. I also requested for pink lowlights, but my hairdresser didn't have a nice pink dye, so we decided to dye it purple and let it fade out to the the nice pink I had before. I quite like the current combination, it reminds me very much of when Sakurina gets black highlights done because my purple parts look black unless there is a strong light.

The bright idea I had to try and use a box dye to save some money totally backfired on me. I ended up spending alot more money then I initially thought, firstly on the horrible wasted boxed bleach, and then going back to the salon and fixing the horrendous result.

Lesson learnt, I'll just stick to the expertise of my hairdresser next time, instead of attempting to be smart and cheap.


  1. Gosh...that sounds soo bad >_<
    Glad your hair is ok again..
    Damn..I thought about using Palty,too, but the 'normal' colours..not the bleach..

  2. That is so horrible!! :( I'm glad I never went with Palty dyes... I have to admit I was really tempted by them when they first came out but something told me they wouldn't work on my hair so I just stuck with trusty L'Oreal. I'm glad your stylist could at least fix it for you & it looks gorgeous, but what an ordeal D:

  3. i also had a Palty hair disaster once.... i bought this shade of hair dye called "milk tea" or something, whish was a light ash blonde, put it on my (already blonde) hair, and it went purple. i swear to good. i nice, pale purple. wtf.

  4. @ Mika - Yea, it was awful so I wouldn't recommend using Palty to anyone >.<"

    @ Tori - Haha its a really good thing you decided to stick with L'Oreal instead. Yea, I'm grateful that my stylist managed to get it fixed but it was a really traumatic event that I hope to never encounter ever again.

    @ karisum gyaru - Whoa!! I think it was the bleach mixing with your previous bleach or something, I know someone who had their hair turn green because of wrongly mixing up different bleaches. Now we both know that we need to steer clear away from Palty products.

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