Friday, October 28, 2011

Onward Fashion show Fall/Winter 2011 (ICB, Dip Drops & Rosebullet)

This show was held on the 14th but due to life and school getting in the way, I haven't had the time to write about it. So I was seriously behind on it and was pondering if I still ought to write it, but I do know a fair number of people are fans of the Rosebullet brand, so I figured it wouldn't be fair to deny you guys a preview of the fall/winter collection.

The event was held at a rather nice bar called Avalon, its like alittle island on it own that's only accessible by a bridge from the mainland. Pretty cool and I wouldn't mind checking it out next time. The show featured the fall/winter collections of 3 brands, ICB, Dip Drops and Rosebullet and was run by Onward Kashimaya, the head company behind these brands.

Do click on the pictures if you wanna see the details of the clothing!

First was ICB's collection. Their target audience were definitely more matured office ladies, considering their dark, muted colour palette and how everything was so serious and sombre. Bit boring in my opinion but I do like the cape and fur shawl.

Dip Drop had a more colourful collection. It had a touch of retro and vintage appeal in their collection with the loose A-line skirts that reached the knees. Key trends in their collection included mustard colour, pleated A-line skirt, polka dots, cropped woollen sweaters and delicate feminine blouses.

Rosebullet came last, and it was clear it was the audience's favourite show. Despite similarities in the trends with Dip Drop, they had their own twist to their collection. Mustard was again a key colour, they also had menswear-influenced designs, sheer pleated skirts, floral prints, peter pan collars and velvet textured mary-jane shoes.

Halfway through the show, there was a quick styling mini show with a stylist showing how to transform 3 different outfits into other outfits by adding extras such as a coat or shawl. Top 3 pictures are the before and bottom 3 are after the stylist changed them up abit. Interesting how he managed to make 3 blah outfits turn amazing with just an addition of a coat or shawl.

Goodie bag given to all who attended the event. Rosebullet certainly spared no expense in the stuff they included in the bag. They threw in 2 postcards, 2 pamphlets and a lookbook of the beautiful shoot they had with Lena Fuji. ICB and Dip Drop included smaller lookbooks.

A preview of Rosebullet's lookbook. The whole look was very vintage inspired with a dreamy air to it due to the soft lighting and focus of the pictures. I'll definitelty scan it once I have more time.

Outfit for the night (pardon my ugly black roots):

Polka dot dress: Bonica Dot

Stockings: Can't remember

Hand bag: Jamin Puech

Patent pumps with Floral detailing: Prada

I think its nice that this year's fall/winter trends are softer and more feminine as compared to the usual harsh looking leather, animal print, black and grey colour palettes that tend to be the norm. Its definitely nice to see someone wearing pastels and lace on a cold winter's day, though of course, how do they keep warm is a whole other matter.

I know I sound like I'm rambling on and on, but my brain isn't functioning too well right now. So I apologise for it and hope that the pictures make up for my current lack of putting together sentences that actually flow right and make sense.

I've still got a few more posts up my sleeve so I'll update as soon as my head clears and I'm less tired out.

P.S. I've finally gotten my own Twitter account. I've already followed some people but if you guys wanna follow me, my name's @Razhensia, someone had already taken "hortaru" so I have to use my cosplay name instead. I don't update it very often and often ramble on incessantly with random thoughts on it, but I'll definitely update it once I've uploaded a post.


  1. I love your outfit, so classy & simple ♥
    Thank you for sharing these photos though! All the collections actually look really nice.

  2. @ Tori - Thanks babe! The collectiosn were very nice, I'm gonna get myself some winter stuff asap!