Monday, October 10, 2011

Personal Outfit 72 (New Digicam & Real Steel)

Had a rather eventful weekend, starting by attending a small fashion event, meeting up with some new people and eventually ending the weekend with an awesome movie date with the bf. Shall go into details later, but in the meantime, check out what the bf got me as an early christmas gift!

Wheeee!!! My awesome new cam that is half the size and weight of my old digicam. Guess what's the best function of this little wonder, hehehe.... its... a front mini LCD screen!!! So now I can camwhore all I like without having to juggle a mirror in order to see if I've angled my face properly. Wheee!!!!!

I had been lamenting to the bf about how much I missed my old (now dead) cam, especially considering how sucky my Iphone 3GS camera is. So he chanced upon a great deal for this little baby and decided to get it for me! So I'll be able to do my old makeup and contact lens reviews once again, so keep a lookout for them!

Anyway, outfit for yesterday was super simple and comfy. I was tired after having to do full gyaru-style makeup and hair for 2 days straight:

Maxi dress: random shop in Holland Village

Cream cardigan: Uniqlo

Straw bag: borrowed from mom

Nude loafers: Itti & Otto

I also wore my new hair barette! I got it when I was attending the launch of the Harajuku Street Style event on Friday. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures because it was super crowded and I was standing too far away from the catwalk to even get a glimpse of the models' outfits.

Anyway, I have a little something to share with you guys. The Kawaii.i TV team came to Singapore last weekend, and they followed me around for a whole day!!!

Haha, okay, I'm just jesting, it wasn't me they were focused on. The reason why my new friends and I were filmed by them is because we're the first and only, official gyaru-sa in Singapore. We're called Sparkling Cotton Candy and we're fairly new but our numbers are slowly but certainly growing. Also, unlike gyaru-sa-s in Japan, we don't focus on just a single gyaru style but embrace all styles.

Here's our facebook page:!/pages/Sparkling-Cotton-Candy/172667889460601

I'm just an average member so I'm not very sure about when will the program be aired or anything, but I'll definitely write about the day in detail once the leaders upload the pictures taken that day and when the video comes in.

Kawaii.i Tv also gave each of us alittle present:

A super cute Domo-kun keychain. It's currently hanging from my new digicam.

Anyway, the weekend ended with the bf and I catching the movie, Real Steel. Its a real wholesome family movie, but the fighting scenes were amazing and I seriously felt like taking up kickboxing classes after watching the show. I definitely reccomend watching it in the cinema, it'll be such a waste if you miss the opportunity to watch all the fight scenes on the big screen. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Okay, this ended up as a rather long post with so many things thrown in, but I have an essay due in 2 weeks time. So till next time!

P.S. I'm seeing alot of new followers here, so a big hi to you guys! And just curious, but where did you guys come from? I know twitter has something to do with it but who tweeted bout my blog? O_O??


  1. Ooh very cool about Tokyo Kawai.i TV! :) I'll be sure to be on the lookout for your gyaru-sa!

    I love your hair pins, very classy :)

  2. Not sure if you knew about this, but I found a photo of you at the Harajuku event! :D

  3. The new camera looks so nice! & omg I love your outfit! That maxi dress is so pretty & the barette is a nice touch too ♥
    Wishing much luck to your gal-sa~!

  4. hola! i'm a new follower although i can't remember how i found you >_< i think through another blog link... or maybe you follow my blog? i was checking out my followers the other day... haha.

    well i'm in japan but originally from Canada... yoroshiku!

    it's really cool that kawaii tv came to film you, i think!!

  5. @ みか☆ちゃん - Thank you! Haha, I hope I dun sound or act weird in the video.
    Haha, it's actually one barette but it does resemble 2 hair pins

    @ Ursie - Oh! Yeap, I know about the picture because it was a friend of mine working there that took it. But thanks for sending me the link ;D

    @ Tori - Thanks!!! I was feeling girly that day haha.

    @ karisuma gyaru - Oooh welcome!!! I hope my blog isn't too boring XD but thanks alot for following me
    Yoroshiku!! And yeap, it was fun that kawii.i tv filmed my gal-sa haha