Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Personal Outfit 71 (Boring Life)

I apologise for being a bad blogger and not updating lately, but my life had become quite mundane and boring lately. I often end up going to class and back and then finishing up assignments if not catching up on old anime, and this has become my routine for the past 2 weeks. Even my cosplay life has kindda been on a standstill, I'm simply sitting around and waiting for my stuff to be shipped in, though if I really wanted to do something, I guess i could actually comb out my Freya wig and start styling my Panty wig.

Anyway I'm digressing, point of this post was to show the simple outfit that I wore today when I met up with an ex-colleague. She's flying off to Arizona in a couple of weeks because her husband's been posted there for work for 2 years, so we had a good-bye lunch.

Super simple outfit:

Blazer: Prada

Shirt: borrowed from mom

Shorts: can't remember

Stockings: can't remember

Feeling rather uninspired in terms of dressing and makeup lately, so I thought I'd dig out my red lipstick since I haven't used it in awhile.

I haven't bought new clothes in awhile because alot of my funds have been poured into cosplay (its a pretty expensive hobby) so I often find myself staring at my wardrobe and looking at the same few items, depsite the reality that my wardrobe is packed full to the brim with alot of random stuff. I've also put on weight after taking some steroids to clear my skin of my eczema flare ups. It sucks that my skin becomes better but I develop cravings and get hungry often as well as bloat up, so I've really packed on the pounds and need to start dieting and exercising. I wanna go back to the body I had when I did my Sheryl Nome shoot, I did 2 weeks of eating plenty of salads so my body naturally burned and toned up on its own.

Ugh okay, this post has become more like a ranting post then anything else. So before I start on another random rambling, I'll stop writing and distract myself with something else. Till next time!


  1. Aweee~ I think you look GORGEOUS bb ♥ I'm obsessed with your hair too~ that pink streak just adds something so cool to it.
    Hope life starts picking up for you soon though~ I definitely know how it feels when you hit a rut :(

    P.S. I've changed my blog url! Please follow me at http://cherripopfiction.blogspot.com now :)

  2. @ Tori - Thanks babe!! Hahaha, I'm kindda addicted to the pink streak too, and alot of people recognise me because of it now ;P
    Well life has picked up, but my weekends are super busy now!! >.<"

    Btw, I'm still trying to change ur blog url but Blogger is still being a bitch, but I'll try and figure something out kays?