Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Shopping & Tea

Jo was in town last week so I took the opportunity to catch up with her and to also finally try out this amazing cafe I had heard of for months called, Antoinette Cafe.

Food! Glorious Food!!!!! We were quite full so we decided to share our food, but we didn't realise the portions were gonna be this huge! We shared Honey Baked Ham sandwich that came with super crisp Honey Mustard chips, Crepe with Parma ham, egg and cheese and topped with fresh salad, French style fluffy pancake with Strawberry compote and whipped cream. I also had a pot of Earl Grey d'Antoinette, which was quite light and sweet unlike conventional earl grey teas.

We did some some window shopping after the tea and we wandered into Topshop to have a look. Found some uh... shall we say... interesting(?) clothes from a collection they did with some designer.  Jo and I decided to try some of the dresses from the collection just for the fun of it.

Some Nightie looking dress. Looks pretty decent and might look good with some proper styling

A tunic/top with a crazy print of eyes and hearts. It looks like some kinda disease to me to be honest, or maybe because I detest red dots a lot. 

Some kinda frilly top/tunic, I know it'll probably look good if done some styling a la cult party style, but for now, it just looks like I'm wearing an oversized baby dress

Jo trying out this over the top frilly jacket that cost.... wait for it.... $500!!!! Technically $499 but still!!! It is pretty in it's own way, unfortunately the picture doesn't show just how tacky shiny it is, though I am kinda starting to like it the more I stare at the pic hahaha

Walked around the new Robinsons Building, previously known as Heeren. The whole place is completely different now and though I miss Heeren being a youth hangout zone, it is refreshing to see some life brought back to the building with the knocking down of walls and installing new floor layouts and light fixtures. Took this picture from the 3rd floor of the building as I was looking down at the snow globe installation.

Outfit that day:
Jacket: Jouetie
My Little Pony Shirt: stall at cosplay event
Lace Shorts: Heather
Lace trimmed floral print Socks: Daiso
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Choker: JRunway
Bag: Lip Service 

Work is robbing me of brain power and will to blog once again. I'm just tired every time I reach home and I now wind up eating dinner and then zoning out in front of my laptop, even editing my cosplay pictures seem like such a monumental task now. Even so, I will still update the blog, I just pray you'll be patient with my slow uploads.

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