Saturday, December 14, 2013

License 2 Play 2013

I attended the recent License 2 Play event, held at the revamped Suntec City Mall. It was a fairly small affair, so the people who attended had quite a lot of room to walk around and mingle. Being a gaming themed event, I decided to use one my older game cosplays. Of course, it wasn't a rule that you could only cosplay game characters, but I felt like fitting into the theme.

I re-cosplayed Cinque from Final Fantasy Type-0 because the costume is pretty comfortable, nothing needed repair and I'm still super proud of the mace prop the bf made, despite having used it for a few events by now.

Obligatory camwhore shot

Met photographer Nutcase23 and he took this pretty shot of me

This shot is by KhaiKhai Photography

No matter how big or small an event is, one of the main reasons why I attend them is to meet the many people I've befriended and come to love.

With the people I met that day, smiles all around!!

Mini was cosplaying Professor Sycamore (I call him Professor Hottie) from the latest X and Y series. She brought along this cute plushie that she had gotten from Japan's Pokemon Centre! Pokeball belongs to Zero, who was also cosplaying a character from Pokemon.

Thanks to fangirls and Professor Sycamore being such a good looking dude, there has been a huge amount of fan art of him being portrayed umm... provocatively? Anyway, Mini took this crack shot shortly before changing out. 

I won't be attending the End-of Year event, however, I will be heading up to Kuala Lumpur next week to attend the Comic Fiesta event! It'll be my first ever cosplay event overseas, so I'm super excited and I hope to meet lots of fellow anime/manga lovers and cosplayers there!!

I'll be revealing the characters I'll be cosplaying for the event soon, so stay tuned to find out!

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