Monday, December 2, 2013

Gel Top Coat Review

Ever since I started using Majolica Majorca's gel top coat, I've been a fan. I adore the shine it gives and since then, I've refused to use normal top coats ever again.

One day, I stumbled upon this alternative gel topcoat whilst randomly browsing the display racks of SaSa.
It's called Do Best Loujene Gel Nail Topcoat, made in Taiwan and costs only $3.90!!

I figured why not? It's mega cheap and if something goes wrong, not much of a loss made. But this top coat has been pretty decent so far.

Packaging: rectangular bottle in an easy to remove plastic and cardboard packaging and I like that it's clearly labelled that it is a gel topcoat.

Weight: 10ml, decent size for quite a number of applications.

Texture: Thick and gloppy like most gel topcoats I assume, but easy enough to control

Application: Use the thickness to your advantage, don't be afraid to apply quite a thick layer because if you stinge on the amount, you wind up with ugly streaks on your nails. The brush it wide enough to cover the nail, I just use it to guide along the edge.

Drying time: Dries in minutes!!! Within 5 minutes it's done!

Lasting ability: It lost its shine after 3-4 days of normal wear and started cracking around the same time. The nails on my right hand started chipping after 4 days but it could be because I'm right-handed, I'm not exactly sure.

Price: Only $3.90, okay $4 if you wanna be picky. But that price is incredibly hard to beat! Even Majolica Majorca's version cost bout $20 can't really remember but I know isn't wasn't this cheap.

I've switched over to this topcoat since my Majolica Majorca version is nearly done and its getting hard to apply with so little left in the bottle. Of course, the packaging isn't as pretty but it does pretty much the same job and for such a price, I'm super stoked to have grabbed such a bargain. I should definitely look around SaSa for bargains like this next time. 


  1. Awesome! Thanks for the review. How easy is it to remove though?

    1. No problem! It removes like normal a top coat, just wipe with the nail polisher remover and done!