Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cosplay Plans for Comic Fiesta 2013

Hey guys, by the time you read this I'm probably in Malaysia chilling out in the hotel or shopping around hahahaha. Anyway, like I promised you guys, here's my cosplay list for the upcoming Comic Fiesta event.

For day 1, I'll be solo as Hime from the manga series, Zone-00. Super girly and sweet with a crazy head full of long wavy hair, I'll probably go mad with her lashes and apply my longest false lashes.

For day 2, I'll be Sayaka Maizono, Super High School Level Idol from Danganronpa. I'm actually in a team with Daisy, so try to spot us if you can.

I was actually supposed to do Trinity Blood for day 2, unfortunately, my costume had a lot of issues, so I scrapped that plan and decided to do something else I already had a costume that was prepped and ready. I just need to style the wig, prep the hair pins and I'm done. 

I'm really really excited as it's kinda like a holiday and event mixed into one, plus the fact that I'll be meeting lots of new people in a different country is adding to the thrill! So like I said before, if you do spot me, don't hesitate to say hi and ask for a coscard, it'll be nice if you say you're a reader of my blog too! Hahaha, but anyway, I'm just looking forward to it!

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