Monday, July 1, 2013

Minnacon 2013 & Cosmo Youth Parade

It's late, like close to 3am in my time, but I'm such a bad blogger and been putting off blogging for so long now that I thought I might as well write a quick post before I'm off to bed. 

I had initially wanted to write about my day at Minnacon last week, but I also attended the Cosmo Youth parade yesterday, so I figured I might as well write a combined posts, so apologies for the picture spam.

Cosplayed Rise Fujiwara for Minnacon, really simple and comfortable cosplay, just nice for the small event.  

Met Kanoe, a member of one of the teams that organized Minnacon, love her cute wig!

Playing around with Skrei during the event, look I've got a braided moustache!! LOL she was cosplaying the genderbend version of a character from Kurobasu

More randomness during the event, here's a camwhore shot with Kitska (the one in the middle) and Shang. They're both in my K cosplay team but they'll be doing different characters when we finally debut, wanna guess who I'll be cosplaying from K?

A photo taken by one of the photographers at the event. They photographers were laughing and joking at how my cosplay matched the terrible haze that had been plaguing my country for the past 2 weeks. I mean look at this shot, it wasn't edit in any manner and I already look like I'm in the alternate dimension in Persona!

Was abit sad and lonely that Mini and Selicia couldn't make it that day, a cosplay event just isn't the same without the two of them for company. But I still had fun, the event was small but cozy and I managed to buy a few things for myself from the booths.

Yesterday I attended the Cosmo Youth Parade event with Mini and Selicia. The original plan was to help them with their Shingeki no Kyojin shoot before heading down to the event, but Selicia being Selicia, had a whole load of problems and was mega late. The weather was also being unpredictable, so we decided to just cancel the shoot and head straight for the event. I chose to redo my cosplay of Karina Lyle (the normal alter ego of the hero Blue Rose) from Tiger & Bunny, as it was a simple and more comfortable cosplay. Good thing too, as the weather was searingly hot and the event space was tiny and packed with lots of people, such a bad combination.

Met Daisy! He hung around abit before disappearing

Awesome Mini being awesome once again, she's cosplaying Armin from Shingeki no Kyojin

Group pic with Selicia! Selicia's derpy face so does not match Eren Jaeger hahaha!! I'll be cosplaying with them soon as Annie, Selicia will be my partner, Ymir, when I'm also cosplaying as Crista
With sweet Alicia, who's helped me so many times especially with our tailor as my Chinese conversational skills are minimal 
Managed to find Mein, doesn't she look so bishie? 

With Mein and Daikon, I'm so so jealous at how amazingly handsome they look! They can easily pull off both guys and girl characters superbly!

With Tsubaki, she's cosing Uta Prince hahah

Quick Camwhore shot, I'm not totally happy with my cosplay as Karina, for one the wig is wrong, need to change it and I need to change my makeup too. Hopefully I'll do a better job during my shoot

Outfit shot!! 

I had initially thought about not attending the Cosmo Youth Parade as Cosfest is next week, but the organisers did something that I simply couldn't resist, they brought in celebrity guest cosplayers. And not just any guest cosplayers, they flew in Saffron & Yui and King & Mon and Misa all the way from Taiwan!! I knew I had to meet them no matter what!!

Luckily, there was a fan signing service, so I bought their merchandise and queued pretty much the whole day, just for a chance to meet them and get their autographs. Luckily the bf kept me company throughout, so I'm really grateful for that.

Saffron and Yui Posing for a photo after signing a postcard for me! Stupid me was so awestruck by them, the only thing I could do was shove to them the postcard, give to them my coscard and ask for a picture before hurrying off. I must have looked really dumb being so quiet and not saying more then five words to them TAT
Also, Saffron actually gave me another coscard after I gave her mine but I stupidly lost it. I was so bummed about it that I moped about it all night.

The fan signing had a silly rule that said you could only meet one guest during the event, so the bf helped me to get King & Mon's autographs and pass to them my coscard. They were really sweet and posed for this picture after the bf explained to them 

Csocards from the guest cosplayers!!! Top left is Saffron's, bottom left is Yui's and the ones on the right are combined cards of King and Mon

Also, their autographs! I bought a stack of Saffron's and Yui's postcards and out of the lot, I liked their pyscho pass cosplay the best that's why I chose it for them to sign. I only wish they had printed their Evangelion cosplays instead, I'm still drooling in fangirl mode at Saffron's amazing cosplay as Kaoru. King and Mon produced this entire calendar based on Shingeki no Kyojin, so the bf asked them to sign on the cover.

I must also write this down before I totally forget that this actually happened and wasn't the ramblings of a delusional fangirl, ok deep breath, basically what happend was that I happened to be standing round the corner where the fan signing was taking place and chatting with Alicia. All of a sudden, I heard the announcement that King and Mon's session was over and they were going backstage to rest, I turned around only to realise that the two of them were heading in my direction, but having had the chance to get their autographs, I decided to step aside and back up Alicia who was trying to pass to them her coscard. She had just managed to get Mon to accept her card when I turned around and wound up face to face with King! Before I could react, King took my hand and started speaking to me quickly in Chinese (this sucked big time because my level of Chinese is pretty basic ugh!), with the loud screaming of the fan girls and the guards urging her to leave, the most I could hear was King telling me she liked my Imitation Black cosplay that was on my coscard and that she thought I was cute, she said alot of other things as well but I couldn't quite hear her. I was too in shock and simply nodded and also became aware at how my jaw was hanging wide open in embarrassment, and just as I was finally getting a grasp on reality, King released my hand, turned around, and was gone. I just stood there, blanking out for a couple of seconds before realizing that it actually happened!! 

All I can say is that it's probably an experience I'll never forget as I doubt I'll ever get this personal with a celebrity cosplayer ever again! 

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