Monday, July 22, 2013

Birthday Celebration: Day 1 (Hair Modelling & Date with Steph)

My birthday was last week, on the 15th to be exact. I knew that I'd probably be celebrating it with family and friends individually but I didn't expect it to a 3 day affair LOL! 

Anyway, my first day on celebration was with Steph on the 13th. She kindly accompanied me to get my hair done by the newly opened Naoki Ashihara by Ash salon at Liang Court. I was their hair model that day and after bout 4-5 hours of colouring and cutting (and patient waiting by Steph  >.<"), my hair looked and felt incredible.

Steph kindly helped me take pictures for the blog, here's a pic of the Director, Teiji-san, checking my hair

The other guy is Kelvin, who did most of my cutting and colouring, under the watchful eye of Teiji-san of course.

After cutting my hair, the hair dye was applied and then cling wrap was placed on top of my head. I left it entirely up to them to decide the cut and colour. The only things I told them was that I wanted to maintain my hair length and that I worked in a corporate office so bright hair colours were a definite no.
Getting the royal treatment! Feels awesome to have your hair blown and curled by not one, but two professional stylists.

Took the obligatory photo outside the salon, but the salon people were really sweet and kept asking Steph to join in the picture. Check out how amazing my hair looks after everything!!!

Picture with Kelvin, he was surprised and bit shy that I wanted a picture with him haha
With Atsuko, the main contact point I had with the salon, she was really sweet and friendly and looked amazing!!! Even her outfit of a simple top and white jeans made her stand out amongst the crowd.

Another pic with Teiji-san, he's really funny and kept complimenting Steph and asked if she could be a hair model too hahaha
After being pampered, Noriaki- san, the one who introduced the salon to me and the mastermind behind StreetAngels , asked if we could do some shots for the site. I was more than happy to oblige! You can see me as the model of the day on 2nd August and at 12:26pm, Steph will appear on 1st August, 22nd November (her birthday, yay!!) and at 12:25pm. Be sure to check out the website, facebook page or handphone app to see our pictures!
I'm definitely incredibly happy with my hair, the colour is a dark brown mixed with a reddish-pink tinge. It is understated enough for the office but not boring and the cut is so easy to manage. I could curl it inwards with a hair curling iron or Velcro curlers, or if I simply brush it through, I'm all set for work. I'll probably go back as a paying customer next time.
Took this selfie as I was waiting for Steph and Noriaki-san

Babydoll camisole: Katie
Black sheer dress: Taobao
Belt: Taobao
Choker: Taobao
Dolfie print stockings: Bought from a friend
Shoes: Taobao
Bag: Mety Damali

Steph treated me to dinner by bringing me to Yayoiken, I had been wanting to try the place but there was always a long queue. I ordered the cheese hamburg set (top pic) as I was starving, while Steph had the yofu hamburg with ebi fry. I loved it! The food was really really yummy! Thanks Steph!

Camwhore of us! A must-do every time we meet haah!

Steph gave me a birthday gift bag filled with lovely stuff inside this Louis Vuitton paper bag. Hahaha Classy!

The gift bag contained a high-neck long puff sleeved lace dress (perfect for work!), a cute shorts with tulle overlay and studded with stars (perfect for cult party), Benefit Sugar Addict makeup tester set, Hello Kitty Hyper curl mascara, BB cream and OMG!!! A pair of Verum by Grimoire stockings, I nearly died when I saw it in the bag!! Not shown are a cute pair of polka dotted high-waisted shorts (it's in the wash) and a embroidered ethnic print scarf that I've left in the office to keep me warm (and to let me feel her lurrrvvvveeee as I wrap myself in it to not freeze to death in the office)
A look at the full length of the Verum by Grimoire stockings *sobs* omg its so beautiful, and I can't believe it's mine! I must think of a wonderful outfit to do it justice and let it's beauty shine through!!

Here's what the Benefit Sugar Addict set contained, Benetint Lip and Cheek Stain, High Beam highlighter, Sugarbomb bronzer/blush and Sugarbomb lipgloss. I've always wanted to try the Benetint lip and cheek stain and now I can! The entire set is great for creating a nude but polished look, so it's perfect for my work makeup
Once again, thanks Steph for the great day and presents, I'm sorry I made you wait for me during the hair process >_< let's meet up again soon! Bitches forever!


  1. Happy belated birthday! They did a really great job on your hair! It suits you really well.
    Ahh I've been eyeing those tights but they were sold out. I think it is my favorite print from Grimoire yet!

    1. Thank you! The salon was pretty good, I may go back again :) Ah! I love Grimoire stockings so much! I'm eyeing the antique butterfly print, but I already have another butterfly print stockings... oh the dilemma...

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to you~ Your hair came out so pretty! It looks like the cut and style will be very versatile and low-maintenance to take care of. ^ ^ Also love your outfit, it's a great mix of cute and cool!

    Thank you for sharing! :D

    1. Thank you ^^ it's pretty low maintenance but still looks decent after abit of brushing. Glad you liked the outfit :)