Saturday, July 27, 2013

Birthday Celebration: Day 2 (Spa & Family)

The 2nd day of my birthday celebrations was with my family, my mom took me out for some shopping and a day at the spa for a total body massage, I needed it bad as my body has been aching and gone stiff lately.

Barely any makeup on, I only used the BB cream and mascara that Steph gave, didn't wanna waste time doing full makeup since is was definitely gonna be washed away during the spa session

Super comfortable outfit:
90's style My Little Pony t-shirt: Cosplay event booth
Polka dotted shorts: Part of the birthday gift collection from Steph
Pink cross necklace: Taobao
Black lambskin shoes: Chanel

At the spa, we enjoyed a session in the sauna, followed by a soak in the bubble bath before getting full body massages. The bubble bath was crazy full of bubbles, they were so high, you could literally disappear in them! See the black blob in the pic? That's my mom's head, and she looks like she's being consumed by the bubbles. You can't even see where the tub is!
After the spa session, we did alittle more shopping around the area

I spotted this dress in a shop and after tryng it, I was in love! The cut and length made it conservative enough for the office, but the leather and metal stud detailing made it less serious, perfect as a weekend dress too! The price however, was bit too high for me, at $80++ I wasn't willing to splurge so much on it, but my mom offered to pay half for it, so I gladly took it home!
My sister's gift, I haven't read any good books in awhile but my sis really recommends this. Gonna use it with the bookmark she got me as a souvenir from her trip to Paris
We also had dinner at an amazing Japanese restaurant near home. But the food was so yummy that I forgot to take any pictures and just dived for it the moment the waitress set it down on the table. My dad says he'll help to pay half the cost for a new laptop for my birthday present as my present one is getting impatiently slow and wonky. I'm now trying to decide between continuing as a PC user or switch to Mac, hmmm, any opinions? 

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