Friday, July 19, 2013

Cosfest 2013 (Day 2)

Really late post about day 2 of Cosfest, a lot has happened since then but I'll write about them as soon as I can. I've just been really tired out after work lately but enough bout me, let's get back to the event.

I had originally planned to cosplay Toph from the Avatar: Legend of the Airbender series, and I had even planned to do it Mini cosplaying as Sokka. Unfortunately, my tailor was so bogged down with orders and paid so much detail to my Rapunzel cosplay that she completely forgot to do my Toph costume. I was screaming mad but I knew yelling at her would achieve nothing, so after a quick call to Mini, explaining the situation, I ended up breaking down and crying from the disappointment. I had also wasted my money speed ordering my wigs and contact lens so I was really upset about the whole thing.

In the end, I reused my cosplay of Freya from Chobits for Cosfest day 2. However, on the morning of the day, my left heel gave way. Luckily, the room next to us (full of our other cosplay friends) had shoe gum, so after applying it, I could still walk around the event, but I couldn't rest my entire weight on it. By that time, I was really upset about the whole thing so it really put a dark cloud over my mood for the rest of the day.

Met plenty of friends again during the day.

Most of them were actually featured in my previous post, recognise any of them? 

One thing that did lift my mood was being able to finally meet Reika! Mini, Jo and I woke up especially early to prep and queue up at her booth before the queue got too long.

After she autographed her picture books for us, we hung around near her booth and luckily for us, she decided to leave her booth to allow the growing crowd to take pictures of her. Unfortunately mine are bit blurry, so I here's a more professional shot of her.
Jo kindly took a polaroid of us

I was also able to spot this Thai cosplayer called Zeasonal amongst the huge crowd. Doesn't she look amazing as the main character from Darker Than Black? I've been admiring her on her facebook page for awhile now.
My amazing friends, Skrei and Borupen cosplaying Trinity Blood. Look at the details!!
Found Robin and Wonder Girl! Wonder girl actually recognised me as the Zatanna cosplayer and I recognised her as the Supergirl that nearly knocked me off my feet as she sprinted with full force right at me in excitement
Met these two Legend of Korra cosplayers. They admitted that it was their first time cosplaying and I must say that it's pretty good! Now I really want to get my Asami costume ready.
I was so excited when I spotted this Last Exile cosplayer from afar! For one, I haven't seen anyone cosplay the series locally, and also, she was cosplaying the less well-known first season of the series. I told her I had been wanting to cosplay Dio, her character's brother, and she told me that if I ever did, I should contact her and we could do a shoot together. Yay!

There was also this amazing X/1999 team walking around, but they were split up most of the time, so I only met a few of the team members. Still, it's an amazing series that deserves more love and I was so happy to see people actually still interested in cosplaying the series.
These were the photobooks that I had Reika autograph, as well as the postcard in the middle. She was surprised to see them as they were only sold in Malaysia, the one on the top right was sold during the Cosfest event and luckily for me, my friend, Janice, helped me get it before it sold out.
All the coscards I collected through the 2 days. I'm amazed at the number of new people I met that day.

Oh yes, this video showed my amazing Disney Princess team and many of my friends too. Do have a look and don't forget to check out the 1st and 3rd video too for more amazing cosplays
Overall, I did have tons of fun and it was amusing to spend the last night, drinking and telling ghost stories to each other as we all crammed ourselves at the balcony so that the smokers could have their fix without missing anything. I also got to meet amazing Thai cosplayers, Narutan and Tama, they were so funny and down to earth despite looking so amazing when all dolled up.
I'm definitely looking forward to next year!

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