Sunday, August 5, 2012

Nail Polish Comparison: Anna Sui & Dupe

My personal favourite nail polish colour is nude. I find that it looks really classy no matter the situation, it matches any and all clothing style and its less obvious when it starts chipping. So here's a comparison between my two current nude nail polishes, my favourite Anna Sui in shade 700 and a cheaper option from Sasa labelled as sasatinnie (perhaps Sasa's house brand?) in shade Q23.

The two bottles side by side, the cheaper option on the left and Anna Sui polish on the right. As you can see, at first glance, the colour & shade look rather similar, but they differ upon application

Anna Sui nail polish was painted on the longer, left finger while Sasa's dupe was painted on the right. This is the first coat over a normal base polish, nothing more.
This picture is with a second coat of polish. By this time, you can start to see a difference in the polishes. The Anna Sui one (on the left) has a deeper pink undertone to it as compared to the dupe (on the right) which has a more beige undertone to it.
This picture shows the third coat. As you can see, the Anna Sui polish is definitely more pink-ish in comparison to the lighter dupe colour. The glitter flakes in the Anna Sui polish is also more obvious and its consistency is much thicker as compared to the dupe's rather watery consistency. The dupe also required about 4-5 coats of polish before I was satisfied with the look.
This is the end result of the dupe nude polish by Sasa. I love the look despite not performing as well as its more expensive cousin

Comparison (Anna Sui shall be written in blue, while the dupe shall be written in red):

Thicker consistency that required only 3 coats for the eventual result. It also covered the white outer edge of my nail pretty effectively

Rather watery and thin and required 4-5 coats before I could finally not see the white outer edge of my nail

Glitter frequency:
Glitter particles were obvious to the naked eye in the bottle and when painted on nail but in tiny specks that aren't obvious from afar or in pictures

Minute glitter particles can be seen in the bottle but seems to disappear when painted on my nails

Anna Sui's signature rose scent that is pleasant and helps make the experience of painting one's nails more enjoyable

Normal nail polish chemical smell, but it isn't very strong so its bearable and I even painted in my room with the air conditioner switched on with no problems of the smell wafting about my room or making me feel faint

Drying time:
Not sure, as I often paint my nails while watching TV or videos on my laptop. It does however take awhile to dry especially between coats

Short drying time, I painted my nails and it dried within an hour (including top coat) with no obivous marks

Started showing signs of cracking within 5 days of wearing, started chipping on the 6th day no matter what kind of top coat was used

Held up for about 4 days before starting to chip in minor places, my first major chip was on the 5th day.

About $13-$15 depending on the colours

Bought mine at $5 during a sale but I think its about $11 during normal periods

Has a pink base that is more suitable for other skin tones, it somehow makes my hands appears darker in colour

Has a beige undertone which enhances my skin's natural undertone making my hands look fairer

4/5 (lovely packaging & smell and nice thick consistency)

3.5/5 (it only wins for me because the colour matches my skintone perfectly, but anywhere else it falls short of Anna Sui's polish in comparison and it's rather disappointing considering its normal price is close to Anna Sui's)

Overall, I would rather prefer to get the Anna Sui polish however, due to the simple fact that this nail polish matches my skintone and makes it look better makes me wanna stick with the dupe instead. However, I may pop by a Anna Sui counter when this polish is running low and perhaps ask for a similar polish, perhaps the colour will suit my skintone better then. 


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