Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Copper Tones

My University module is finally over!!! With luck, I'll probably be graduating from University soon and I'll be on my way into the big bad world! Anyway, I'm digressing, today's post is about my new hair colour! I've been way over due for a hair dyeing session for far too long, my roots had completely grown out that I wound up with 3 differing tones on my head. Luckily, my previous hair colour was the gradient style so it didn't look too bad though it was pretty obvious to my hairstylist.

I went for a totally different hair colour this time, as I needed something that wouldn't be too bright for a corporate office but I still didn't want to totally lose my identity

I showed my hairdresser this picture of Rino, a CyberJapan dancer. After some discussion about the colour and tone, she got down to work.

 Bleaching my hair to even out my hair colour

 I wound up with this colour, and posted this picture on my Twitter. A few of my friends thought it was the final colour and freaked hahahah, I can understand why, the gold colour is horrible.

 The final result, under the sharp white light of my hairdresser's salon. Sorry bout my face, I wasn't wearing any makeup that day.
 Pic taken today under natural sunlight, the colour is less intense and there is a slight gradient from my scalp to roots due to my old hair bleaching.

 My scalp is the most orange-red looking but it fades to a softer more brown/blonde/copper colour

I haven't had reddish tones done on my hair for the longest time simply because its the fastest hair colour to fade out. However, considering I'll be looking for a job soon, the fading out part suits me just fine since it'll probably become duller over time.

My initial reaction to my hair was, "Whoa!!! The colour is so K-pop style!!" and even Steph said it looked like Park Bom's previous hair colour, but I'm loving the colour and now it's my last little fun before I wind up only dyeing boring shades if I do wind up working in some coporate office.


On another note, Steph and I will be heading to Kuala Lumpur over the coming weekend for some shopping, its just a few days of getaway so we wanna make the best of it! So I'm asking my dear readers if you know any good shops for clothes and makeup? I've heard that with Cheesie's influence, Mode style has become pretty strong there, is that true? We're also planning to go to a bar one evening, so perhaps a recommendation for a good bar that serves nice drinks and isn't sleazy? We're also planning to get our nails done, so perhaps a good nail salon recommendation too?

Please leave comments if you got ideas on where to go! Thanks guys!!